This listening session was on 3/28/12 at about 11 am in my apartment in Farmington, ME


I’m sitting on my couch, it’s really quiet because I’m the only one here; other than our cat Snaps. The loudest sound in my head right now is the ticking of two clocks. The ticking sounds are different and not synchrinized so it sounds almost like it’s supposed to be a kind of cannon. The first ticking is closer and louder and is the one that starts the cannon. This ticking is also a lower pitch than the other one. The second clocks ticking is a little slower and fainter since it is further away and has a slightly higher pitch than the first. The two differing ticking noises almost sound like they are harmonizing with each other, so it is quite interesting.

Another sound that I cannot help but focus on is the sound of cars passing by outside since I am sitting right next to a window, whooosh. The whooshing sound crescendos and decrescendos every time a differnent car passes by. Sometimes there is a whirr of what I guess is a motorcycle but I’m not sure. I can also hear a very low chirping of birds outside and the sound of feet walking around that comes from above me in the apartment.

Lastly, it is really difficult to hear but when I concentrate really hard I can hear the sound of a very faint dripping noise that I presume is coming from the bathroom sink. Since it is so far away, it is very soft but when concentrating so hard it almost sounds really clear and much closer. Also with all the concentration I am using to pay attention to sounds I normally wouldnt hear, I can hear the thumping in my head and it starts to hurt a little. I stop a few minutes later because I find it uncomfortable to hear my own body working.


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