I sit in the cafe before class. It is full and full of noise. I can break the types of sound can be broken into a couple different categories.

The first category is language related: I recognize the individual attributes of vocal sounds that make up langugage. I hear the high and low pitches of sounds associated with each gender. I hear nimal like sounds being grunts, squeals laughter. I can also notice the subtle differences in sound from individuals around me. There are certain qualities to peoples voices whether it be an accent of some kind or the raspy voice of a smoker.

The other sounds are more environmental. I can hear plates scraping together. I can hear chairs, general movement. The unique sound of the scraping of utensil on bowl or plate. I can hear myself within this space based on perception. I can hear the clicking as I type the words I am writing right now. I can hear sounds that are in my immediate surrounding and further away sounds from inside the kitchen. I can hear thee sounds in my immediate vicinity including my occasional cough. I can hear myself chewing my food.

I can tell that within this particular environemt as opossed to others it is sound rich because of the number of activity within the space.


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