I chose to analyze “Glamour Shots-Grandma Tucker’s 80th Birthday” because of its natural essence of beauty. It was the first photograph that caught my eye due to the simplicity it elicits. In the image we see Grandma Tuckers profile from her shoulders up as she seems to be getting her makeup done. Her hair is in a clip and not done up, almost opposite of what you would expect a “glamour shot” to look like. Her weaving wrinkles are so in depth. Grandma Tucker is not smiling for the photograph, rather she has a calm, content look on her face. She seems to be in pure bliss with what looks to be her family around her all celebrating this day. You can see her definitive smile lines through her eyes and mouth, which make her look as though she is happy, rather than just sitting with her eyes clothes. Her sense of joy shines through the pictures and is a large reason why this photograph intrigued me and caught my attention as it did.

Grandma Tucker and the woman standing slightly to the left of her are the only two objects in focus in the photograph. In the background you can see a man dressed up in a tux and another woman getting her hair and makeup done as Grandma Tucker is. If the title were not Grandma Tucker’s 80th Birthday, I would assume that this was being taken before a wedding of some sort. The fact that it is not a wedding and is for her birthday bring the photograph together that much more because as the picture portrays, Grandma tucker is the center of attention for this day. The woman standing beside her, possibly doing her makeup and hair, is looking at Grandma Tucker with a sense of confusion or disgust. She seems awkward, almost giving off the sense that she doesn’t know what to do in front of the camera so she looks away, directing her focus on the main woman of the night, Grandma.

Although this is one of the most simple of the pictures I analyzed, it seemed to make me stare the most. I kept looking for more, trying to decipher the meaning and what was going on. I almost put myself into the photograph. I feel as though the photograph put the viewer right in the scene, as though you were there and part of the action. I believe Grandma’s welcoming and content face make her look as though she could be your grandmother, someone you could talk to and confide in.


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