The image I chose to analyze was “The Cellar”. I chose this image because, as a writer, it inspired the most initial shock response, creating different storylines in my head that were paired with different soundtracks, which pertains to the musicality of our Analyze This! course because we focus a great deal of musicality. When I say this, I don’t mean that a certain song popped into my head, but rather I had storylines developing in my mind that had their own rythyms, their own beat. I could picture a distinct drumming, slow and steady, that could fit the scene of a dark and desperate act that was sure to come. I liked that inspiration a great deal. Actually, the beat of drumming somewhat reminded me of the introduction to “Firefly,” how their low-base drums are consistent throughout the opening song.

It was also the lighting that was something I truly admired. It wasn’t bright enough to be a joyful picture, to evoke something of happiness, but rather the lighting was dark and dank, very intense. This, I feel, set the scene for me very dramatically, and I feel that, the drama aspect, was crucial to this picture. Because to me, it wasn’t just a cellar, but was a part of something much greater, much more profound. I truly enjoyed conjuring up my own thoughts and views about this photograph.


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