There were several images that caught my eye throughout the gallery. I decided to analyze further the one titled “Robert Driving Scott’s Truck”. What we see in the image is what appears to be an adolescent boy (assumingly Robert) at the forefront of the photograph with a grin as wide as could be as he handles what appears to be the steering wheel of a truck. We know he is a young teenager because it looks like he has braces and we can all remember having braces and at roughly what age. Meanwhile a shirtless man (Scott) is sitting in the passenger seat staring down the road with a small smile on his face. He is sitting relaxed. The boy as a look of sheer shock and joy as he handles the wheel. Both characters are looking to the right of the pictures frame which causes the eye to move from left to right starting with the boys face. You then pick up on subtle contrast objects. I noticed the white key chain up against the dark color of the inside of the truck. For me rhe experience I had while viewing the photograph was being taken back to moments when your parents gave you some sort of freedom that you never expected. My parents never let me drive the car. My earliest experiences of driving were anything but joyful and I think that is what drew me to the photograph. It was an example of another style of parenting that I appreciated. I remember seeing a key chain just like that as a kid. The photograph suggests that we are observing a working class culture because the man has no shame in being shirtless. The angle of the shot being at eye level with the people in the picture and in their private space being a vehicle suggests we are inside their environment and we are not looking down on them.

Some of the things I wrote down while viewing the photograph is freedom, rule vbreaking, in the country, afternoon. We can tell the timing of the event because of the lighting outside and we can assume they are in the country because of all the trees outside. You can see in the face of the boy that he is so happy to be driving. He probably never expected he would be allowed to drive yet and thats why the words freedom and rule breaking came to mind. This brings us to the man in the other seat. He could e the boys father, brother, family friend uncle. Clearly he is very relaxed. One thing I noticed is the hair on his chest and the connotation that brings. Driving is seen as a very masculine thing and in my mind iit made the connection that the man recognizes the boy needs to get out on his own and experience life or “put some hair on his chest”. The event is not done in a forceful way. The picture has a very laid back adventerous feeling. Both boy and man look down the road of the future recognizing it will come sooner or later and they should embrace. The man has a calm to him that seems as though he is proud and ready to release control and let this boy take an important next step in life.


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