The image that I have chosen for this assignment is “The Boys Experience Having Cleavage”.  In this photo, we see four young men sitting around the table, all of them not wearing shirts.  In the place of shirts, however, they are wearing bras.  On the table that all of the boys are clustered around is a deck of cards that are set up as if they are playing a game, as well as several sodas.  The idea of men sitting around a table playing cards and relaxing is a fairly common masculine stereotype, but the juxtaposition of these men wearing a product that is extremely feminine (the bras), creates a very unique scene for the viewer to gaze upon.

Three of the boys are examining their own chests while wearing the bras, almost as if to invite viewers to look at them, too.  The other boy is examining the chests of the others, as opposed to his own.  One male’s face is almost completely obscured, as if he is too preoccupied at ogling the strangeness his own chest to be able to interact with the other boys.  He is pushing his chest together, trying to fully examine his new cleavage.  The boy sitting next to him, who has a mullet, is also looking down and examining his chest.  This boy has his mouth agape, as if he can almost not fathom how strange it is to see other males wearing bras and to be wearing a bra himself.  One of the boys, however, is not preoccupied with looking at himself at all, but is completely focused on looking at the boy wearing the black bra and is pushing his chest together to create cleavage.  Perhaps the most interesting face in this photo, however, is the young boy who has his hand on his head and is holding his chest.  He is looking down at his own chest with a look of complete confusion on his face. The way that he is posed, however, with one arm up behind his head is seemingly feminine. This pose seems to make him very engrossed with examining his own body, and since he is so preoccupied with this examination, it also invites viewers to look at him.
By positioning the viewer almost as if they were sitting at the unoccupied end of the table, it invites the viewer to be “inside” the photo, and almost encourages the viewer to become a participant in the photo.  The idea behind the scene, also, with a variety of young men participating in a ridiculous act can also be relatable for men.  Women can also relate to this photo, because they too have experienced the strangeness of wearing a bra for the first time.  The positioning of the viewer as a participant in the photo, by keeping us at relatively the same eye-level as the subjects of the photo invites us to look at them just as they are doing, with productive staring in order to understand the scene that is unfolding directly in front of us.


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