The image that caught my eye when we were in the gallery during class was Water Truck Removing Crowd 1AM In The Old Port 2006. In this image there is a truck driven by one man in uniform. The truck seems to look like a fire truck but it different because it has the water spraying out from the bottom. It is driving on a cobblestone street past a crowd of people gathered outside a bar. In the middle of the street there is a woman who is looks very intoxicated. She is wearing a skirt that reveals her underwear and a sweatshirt with heals and holding a designer purse. The way she is walking through the water reminds me of a child running though a sprinkler in the summer time without a care in the world. The crowd of people outside the bar are laughing at her and it makes the starer wonder what they are talking about, and if they came out to the bar with her or if they are strangers to her. From this image I get the sense that she is a naturally outgoing person and likes to be the center of attention. my eyes went in sort of a circle from her to the crowd to the truck and then focused back on her.


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