The image I chose to analyze was Robert as a Cheerleader 1993. In this image we see a young boy dressed up as a woman. He has a very serious look on his face while wearing the feminine look as well. The background is his room, with posters and full body cut-outs of movies such as E.T hanging on the wall. His attire is more than playing dress-up in a sisters cheer-leading uniform but less dramatic than a drag queen.
The photograph pulls you in by not only showing you the unfamiliar but also the boy’s face staring right at yours. He is holding your gaze, with an extremely serious face.  He is inviting you in as if to say, “stare at me all you want, I’m not ashamed..” When I saw this face, I read it as “enjoyable yet serious”. If you think of a 12 year old boy dressed up as a cheerleader as a prank, you would assume he wouldn’t be as “into it” as this boy acts. This boy seems to being showing off some sort of pride. He is posed to the side, wearing flats, and his hands are next to face like a model. His hands seem to exaggerating his serious facial expression.
Bennett’s photographs in her “Real Life” exhibit really create the sense that we are “inside” the working class. She presents real life, ordinary photos that anyone can relate to. Kids riding in cars, family canoe trips and a special prom night kiss. Bennett catches these defining moments in her family’s life and creates an insiders perspective for the viewer. All of the angles in each photograph is like you are standing in the scene, passing by glancing to the side. None of the pictures are looking up or down on a scene. I think that is what gives us the insiders perspective on her life and makes the us think of our own memories.


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Headed to New Zealand for 3 months! Exploring around the North Island mixed with volunteering with Hillary Outdoors Education Centre and hopefully checking out the South Island through some WWOOFing experiences!

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