The photo that I decided that I wanted to analyze was “Bartender Tricks”, Old Port 2006. I deiced to analyze this for many different reasons. Firstly this photo is taken in my favorite little city and only 10 minutes from me house although I don’t know what bar it is. Another reason why I picked this photo is because I feel as though it is an “every day” photo, even thought this trick I don’t think could be mastered by every bar tender that your going to run into. When walking around the gallery this one photo really caught my attention for a long time because of the mix of complexity and simplicity all in one.  

     The picture was black and white with two bartenders in the frame. The frame is mainly focused on the bartender that is doing the trick and the other bartender is in the middle of talking to someone over the counter (but we can’t see that, but we see the arm of someone buying booze) and he isn’t fully in the frame. The main reason why the picture had me staring at it was because of the trick that the bartender was doing. Between his hands he was holding 10 cups all stacked up in the line. Because there are so many cups they had a curve to them because gravity was pulling them down. In these cups it looked as though they had ice in them. Coming from the cups you could see that mixed drinks were pouring out into cups stacked in a row laying on the bar. There were 9 cups collecting the mixed drinks, and there were an addition three glasses turned upside down to place three on top. I think this was done so it would work out making just the amount of 9 perfect drinks with the hight difference that was needed. Once I fully analyzed the picture I looked around in the background and so much was going on. On the bar they have a bowl of sliced lemons and to the left (our left) they have a lot of different hard alcohol on a shelf rack sort of thing. They have what looks to be a tv turned on at the top of the photo with what looks like game scores running across the bottom. There also seems to be a tv that is turned off in the photo. There is a picture hanging behind the bar of a beach scene. I could also see that they had a bumper sticker that was showing and it said “sex instructor- first lesson free” giving the vibe that is it a less “classy” sort of bar and is more or a fun one. Both or the bartenders faces are not looking at the camera, one is looking at a costumer and the others look on his face is focused on the trick he is doing.

     I really enjoyed the picture because our main items that makes us intrigued is the glasses but when we look closer that are many other components that bring this picture together to make “stare-able”.


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