I chose to analyze Glamour Shots- Grandma Tucker’s 80th Birthday Party, this picture definitely got my attention because of its simplicity. Bennett does a great job of guiding viewers eyes to the focal point of the piece, Grandma Tucker. She is the only person in the photo that we get a perfect un-blurred view. Grandma Tucker is in focus and everything else is very blurry. The people in her surroundings are all a blur, it’s hard to get a sense of what is going on behind her because the sole focus of the photograph is on Grandma Tucker. There is no real understanding of what exactly is going on in the photo. Bennett does a good job of making viewers focus on one thing and that would be Grandma Tucker.

I find it very ironic that this picture is titled glamour shots but Grandma Tucker is actually not made-up at all. You can easily tell that she is as natural right now as can be, very far from glamour. She isn’t even wearing any jewelry or clothing that could also give the impression of glamour. We have a perfect view of every wrinkle on her face, each one telling us more and more her age. I think it makes  the photo even more realistic because we are seeing a person who is a normal woman, not some model doing glamour shots. Bennett does a good job I think capturing who her grandmother is, this photo shows a woman down to basically nothing. You see her for who she is at the shoot, not an old woman hiding behind make-up, clothes and other accessories.

You can tell by the look on her face that she is happy and at peace. It’s very subtle but we can still tell the emotion on her face. It’s  great because you see a younger woman in the background who’s also wearing hair clips in her hair. I like how the attention is on Grandma Tucker who isn’t what we would expect to be glamorous, rather than the young girl who most likely is more glamorous than Grandma. It is interesting how the photo was shot so we can see the younger woman in the photo but she is not easily seen or focused on like Grandma Tucker.

The woman in the corner is also in focus like Grandma, I think it’s because her facial expression is quite interesting.  She’s smirking but her eyes look very judgmental, almost like she can’t believe Grandma Tucker is there getting glamour shots. I find it interesting too how the other woman is showed gazing down at Grandma Tucker, almost like she thinks she’s better than she is. I think Bennett did a great job making it known what to focus on in the photograph and giving you a story without being so obvious.


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