The photograph Wyatt and Dad, Sword Fight, shows an older man and a little boy fighting with toy swords. They stand in the kitchen by the table covered with crumpled newspapers. The walls, cabinets, and ceiling all appear to be painted white. Hanging on the wall next to the door there is a metal sign reading “ Home Sweet Home.” Numerous potholders and oven mitts hang above the stove and a clock reading 5:00. On the counter top there are two loaves of bread, and a night-light plugged in above the coffee pot. On the wall where the tiling from the counter ends, there are little toys that look as if they came out of a gumball machine. There is a mini deer, a man, and a pig. The kitchen reminds me of a friend’s camp, with the white walls and tiles. The room is not neat or tidy, and with the loaves of bread on the counter and newspapers on the table it looks like a normal home.

The older man, I assume to be the little boy’s grandfather, is dressed casually with cargo pants and a solid colored tee shirt. He has age spots on his arms, and a short white beard that covers the bottom half of his face. The little boy seems to be dressed for playing with a fake mustache that hangs down to the bottom of his chin and a hat that is from an earlier time period. The boy also has a dirt bike shirt on, and he shows a scowling face at the older man. The grandfather held his stomach with his left arm, and his right hand is holding the sword. His face looks surprised but also looks like he could be in some sort of pain. His eyes are squinted and his mouth is open with a crooked frowning face. The old man reminds me of my dad because when my dad plays with kids he gets right into the game and plays the part. The grandfather is a good actor just by seeing his facial expression, and I can picture my dad making the same face, as he would do when he and my younger cousin would wrestle. This same picture could have been taken in my kitchen with the crowded counter tops, and my dad causing a ruckus with the kids.


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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    This is a good detailed description of the photograph. I guess part of what invites you to look at the photo is a kind of recognition–you can identify with the playfulness of the scene because you find a reminder of home in the image (and perhaps many viewers would have a similiar sense of recognition).

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