The photograph that I chose to dissect, if you will, was “Prom Kiss.” It was definitely one of the pictures that really caught my eye and had a connection with. I had probably the biggest personal connection with this photo because I was not able to go to my senior prom because I was in South Carolina seeing my little sister graduate from Marine Boot Camp, so I never got to have a moment like the one depicted in the picture.

In “Prom Kiss,” it captures a young high school couple having an intimate moment on the dance floor at prom. There is commotion going on around them but they dont even seem to notice because they are so involved in the moment they are having. Their arms are wrapped around each other lovingly and look as if they might kiss, but for now are just looking into each others eyes which is said to be almost as intimate, if not more, than the act of actually kissing. The people around them notice the couple about as little as they notice them, which only increases and emphasizes the intimacy of the moment, because although they are in a room full of people all they seem to be able to see is each other.

This photograph really captures the concept of a couple in the sense that all their energy and attention is on each other. I think piece does a great job portraying the Prince Charming kind of auora, it is something you look at and just wish that it was you in that picture. It plays on all the princesses in all the Disney movies we saw as a child, where the pretty girl ends up with the handsome prince and you get to live happily ever after.

There are a few factors that make this photograph “stareable.” One factor is that it is something we recognize, something familiar. Although Garland-Thomson talks a lot about how we stare at things that are unusual or things that we are not expecting to see, we also like to admire things that we recognize and may be connected to in some way. For example, just about every girl or boy who went to high school went to their senior prom and probably had a moment like the one the couple in the photograph are having. Furthermore, this picture is stareable because since it is familiar, it most likely sparks their own pleasant memories from their prom and it leaves them feeling happy and nostalgic.


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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    I think that you’re right about the way the photograph evokes a sense of familiarity that we recognize. I wonder, though, if there might be some of the same humor here that we see in the other photos, or maybe if there isn’t something even a little bit sad. There seems to be a kind of awkwardness in the way the couple is posed, which I find touching, in a way, because it points to the ordinariness of the moment (which is a way of saying that I don’t quite see the prince and princess element that you’re seeing). If you take another look at the photo, check their eyes again. I thought their eyes were closed (but I may be misremembering).

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