In the photograph Kissing, Mechanical Bull Night at Memory Lane Music Hall, there are two main staring points. The first and most obvious is what appears to be a young male and female who are holding and embracing each other. Viewers are instructed to look at them because they are closest to the viewer and they create an odd sight that one might not be expecting. From afar, their hair looks like it is fusing together, but, looking closer, it appears that it is the female’s hair because her head is in front of the males. The couple almost appears to be as one entity. Their faces are not shown, which heightens the intimacy of the moment they’re sharing.

The other staring point of this photograph is the two female girls on a mechanical bull in the background. They are facing each other and appear to be laughing, smiling, and having a good time. The viewers are instructed to look at them because they are the only other people in the image, besides the couple, and they seem to be in motion. Their faces show that they are happy, which creates a positive image.

This photograph promotes ¬†productive staring by showing working class people smiling, loving, and having a good time. It does not show any obvious clues that these are working class people by simply portraying them in their every day lives. The image shows the inside of only a few people’s worlds rather than trying to portray the working class as a whole or extreme. It is a positive image that viewers might not associate with being working class related.




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Sophomore at University of Maine at Farmington majoring in Music Administration

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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    Yes, the fact that the pictured people seem to be enjoying themselves is part of what invites us to look at the photo.

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