The photo “Robert Sleeps while Dog Sitting” is a great photograph for me because of the memories it evokes. I love dogs and used to have a dog similar to the one in the photograph. I kept staring at this photo to learn more about the situation. There are two things to look at when viewing this photograph, the dog and the man. Seeing the man sleeping make me wonder what made the man so tired and why the dog is not sleeping with him. The dog can be a guardian and the determination from the dog makes it seem like it is watching out while the man rests. Empathy comes into play only theoretically because the dog feels love for its owner and wants to protect him. This does not mean that the dog feels bad in anyway so there is no pity involved.

I believe that this photograph promotes productive staring because it focuses on the normal parts of life and the relaxation of resting next to a companion. I do not think that this would offer anything for a colonizing gaze or any stigmatizing assignment because there really isn’t anything to judge negatively in this photo. This basically shows how tired people can get throughout everyday life. I see the simpler things in life that a lot of people take for granted. These are kind of moments that pass people by when life gets hectic and fast.

I could see this photograph describing the working class because of the exhaustion shown. The working class works many hours a week and can work a lot of hours at a time. This means that many workers get very tired and have to take naps whenever possible to deal with the daily grind. The dog doesn’t really any responsibilities to deal with throughout the day so the dog can rest whenever but when the master comes home the dog definitely wants to spend time with him.


About ococh

I like to stay active and workout. I really like golf as well as most other outdoor activities. I play a lot of music and guitar is my main instrument.

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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    One thing you might note here is that the human in photo seems to be a boy, so his tiredness may not be from the daily grind of work. I like your description of the connection you have with the photo, the way it evokes particular memories. If you write more about photos in the future, though, you might work on describing more concretely what we see in a photo (how many dogs? how are they arranged in the frame? is the boy sleeping on a bed? what about the rabbit?) There’s a lot of visual information in the photograph that needs to be made part of the verbal description.

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