Jeremy Cochran


MUH 277


                                                            Kalikow Picture.

The picture that caught my attention at the real-life exhibit is the photo of Theodora Kalikow. Theodora Kalikow is the president of University of Maine, Farmington and is one of the longest staying presidents in the college’s history. In the photo the first thing that will pop out is the background, which is done in a very elegant fashion it looks tranquil. The background appears to be trees with beautiful foliage on the branches and the way the artist uses the remaining white space to represent the sun breaking through the shade of the trees. The artist placed the picture of President Kalikow in the classic three quarters pose almost like she was running for office but not the effect I think he was going for. Her shoulders are relaxed which suggests she is relaxed and content. The artist tilted her head a little to the left so that her eyes will directly look into yours. Another thing that I noticed is her big smile inviting you to look into the picture more in-depth. The stare she is portraying is one of ethical pondering A.K.A ethical staring. Another thing that popped out at me is her outfit, which appears to be a violet power suit with a red neckerchief which blends into the background of the picture almost like the outfit was made to be part of the background environment. My experience looking at the piece was one of peace her facial expression is pleasant and happy and this picture made me feel the same way it conveyed the meaning well. The question I have for the artist if I ever got a chance to meet them is, did they make this for her as a memory to her service to the school?


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