2/19/2012, 3:00–3:30 pm, Back deck of my house

Variation 1: Focus on snowmobiles behind my house
-Loud roaring of engine, pops of the engine during acceleration, hollering of stopped driver yelling over the sleds noise.

Variation 2: Focus on the wind blowing the trees in my back yard -Whistling of a tea kettle boiling, whooshing of fast cars driving by, snapping a twig in two

Summary: As I sat on my back deck I found it hard to concentrate on one sound. As I was paying attention to the snowmobiles I struggled ignoring the sound of the wind blowing.


2/21/2012, 11:30-11:45am, Restaurant

Variation 1: Focus on dishwasher

-Running water, crashing waves, glasses tinging, music form radio, cook singing, beeps

Variation 2: Focus on waitress

-Scratches of pencil on paper, paper crunching, voices, plates clanging together, silverware scraping on plates

Summary: When I was listening to the waitress, I tried to block out voices and concentrate on the sounds surrounding. Compared to listening at my house, everything at the restaurant was in a faster motion. I had to concentrate more to pick up on all of the sounds.


2/23/2012, 7:30-7:50 pm, Living room

Variation 1: Focus on cats clawing into couch

-Plucking of threads, fast scratching, mom yelling “STOP,” crackle of fire

Variation 2: Focus on fire in other room -Whooshing of air, sizzles, wood snapping, pop, crackling

Summary: The sounds I was trying to listen to at my house seamed so quiet at first because I was so used to them. After a while of paying close attention to my cats scratching on the furnisher I could hear the fabric ripping. Our fire always seemed to be a background noise, but I never real heard all of the sounds it makes.


2/25/2012, 2:45 -3:10pm, Bedroom

Variation 1: Focus on roommates in other room

-Banging of drums, twang of guitar, crunching of food, cackling of voices, clock ticking, voices laughing

Variation 2: Focus on Clock Ticking in Room

-Tick of clock, roar of washer & dryer, voices, walls crackling

Summary: I tried to block out the music in the other room while listening to my roommates, but it was so over powering I had to concentrate on it. With all of the sounds constantly changing, the ticking of the clock was always kept the same rythem.


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  1. During vacation I spent a lot of time at home studying. Most nights I sat in the living room while my mom worked on the computer and studied in the quiet.

    3/26/12 6:15pm-7:00pm

    Variation 1: Focused on the recliner squeaking as it rocked back and forth

    Chair had steady rhythm almost as a clock as I rocked in it. Once in a while it would skip a beat or there would be a louder cluck as the chair leaned forward. In the background I heard my mom talking on the phone, there was laughing, and the floor creaked as mom and dad walked around the kitchen. The wind out side was hollowing outside.

    Variation 2: Wind

    I heard howling noises almost as what one would expect a ghost to sound like. The leaves crunched as the wind blew them around the yard, and the trees squeaked. In the background I heard pages of a book being turned, scissors cutting paper. The cats were jumping on the counter and knocking things around making clunking sounds. The recliner was squeaking.

    Variation 3: Mom

    Mom called the cats inside. As she stepped across the kitchen floor, her feet made a loud banging noise. I could hear her talking to the cats, and she would cough once in a while. In the background the recliner was squeaking, the clock ticking, cats chewing their food, and the wind whistling outside.

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