About ococh

I like to stay active and workout. I really like golf as well as most other outdoor activities. I play a lot of music and guitar is my main instrument.

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  1. ococh says:

    My first listening session was with my roommate while he worked on his skis. It was on February 18th at 4 pm for 20 minutes. I heard a combination of sounds.
    The first sound that I picked up was a metallic sound that was followed by a grinding sound that was repeated. The grinding sound came in waves with a few seconds of intense sounds. This next sound that came was a scratching that was constant for over ten seconds. This was not in intervals. The following sounds were a combination of a subtle dripping and a rubbing sound that fluctuated.

  2. ococh says:

    My second listening session was in the Roost Pub and Wingery. It was a 10 pm on February 25th for 1 hour. I heard a lot of sounds throughout the night but I was able to pick separate ones out as I sat and listened.
    My first sound was the loud roar of everyone talking throughout the room. No words could be made out with is interesting because even though I can understand the English language the mixing of the words made it impossible to figure out what was being said. That sound lasted the whole night and it was the kind of sound that was easy to get used to for a background. The next sound was clanking coupled with fizzing and crunching. This was intermittent and had no solid interval. I heard a pop sound in the background that was random as well. The music in the background was overpowered by the human influence of sound.

  3. ococh says:

    February 26th at 3pm for 30 minutes I took a walk downtown to Farmington to listen to the many sounds for the town. As I walked through the town I heard a howling by my face. I heard a gravely sound that came and went. The gravely sound was coupled with a low rumble. There was a droning sound that was unrecognizable but never really let up.

  4. ococh says:

    March 28th at 10 am for an hour I was at my parents business and decided to listen to the sounds. I heard a tapping sound that never went away but fluctuated greatly throughout the hour. There was a ringing and a beeping sound and whenever that sound occurred it was followed by an inaudible talking with pauses. That was always followed by a light click sound. More clicking sounds occurred with louder metallic banging. This was intermittent with no real pattern. Clunks on wood came through now and then sometimes fast sometimes slow and would get louder and softer. In another room I heard a loud, droning sound that was a mixture of high and low pitches. This went on for a while then stopped suddenly. There were more metallic bangs in this room coupled with an abrasive sounds.

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