Over break, I did much the same every day; almost nothing. So I could easily find time to concentrate on.  A majority of the vacation was spent lying in bed, catching up on much needed sleep, or in my garage working on my motorcycle and cars.  The noises that were most prominent were the ones that I was making, be it with tools or whatnot.  It was hardest trying to focus on the noises that I wasn’t making, because they were much farther away, (the sounds I made were within an arms length of me.)


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  1. minifvr2 says:

    Session 1
    Sunday February 19th 9am to 930am
    My bedroom

    Variation 1 (Focused on the sounds of the cars going by my house)
    – Sounds like a wave, whooshing towards shore and away from the shore. It’s not very loud, but you can sense a difference.

    Variation 2 (focused on my dog snoring on my bed)
    – sounds like a chain saw, but only like someone trying to pull start it unsuccessfully because the carburetor is flooded.

    The sounds that I heard weren’t at all upsetting. I didn’t feel as though I needed to get right out of bed and start doing something because of the racket, but rather that I could just lay under my blankets and listen to the soothing sounds as they vibrated in the air. Hearing my dog snore was peaceful, and the regular sound of a car driving by softly was a good background rhythm.

    Session 2
    Monday February 20th 10am-2pm
    My Garage

    Variation 1 (Focused on the ratchet I was using to loosen a nut)
    – Sounds like a clock that is ticking way too fast, followed by a pause, then more ticking. At the very end, there is a ping, and the ticking stops.

    Variation 2 (Focused on the sound of my motorcycle as I tuned the carburetor)
    – Sounds like a gentle “plop, plop, plopping” that speeds up and slows down. The plopping also has a sort of a “sloshing” sound to it too. This sounds speeds up and slows down periodically.

    Sound is key when working on an old bike with carburetors. The sound they make let you know if the bike is idling too fast or slow, or if its running too lean or too rich, and both of which can be bad for the bike. The rachetting sound is constant, it doesn’t click any louder or softer if there is more or less tension on it, so listening to it won’t help determine anything about the work you’re doing; it’s all done by feel.

    Session 3
    February 22 2pm-4pm
    My Garage

    Variation 1 (Focused on the sound oil makes as it drains from my bike into a bucket)
    – sounds like someone pouring themselves a glass or very thick liquid. There isn’t any splash sound so much as a slopping sound. Then there is a drip drip dripping that is fast at first, but over time begins to slow down and eventually stop.

    Variation 2 (Focused on the sound of a spray can as I sprayed undercoating on my dad’s truck frame)
    – sounds like someone with a jar of coins running around, and the coins are bouncing around inside of the car, making a loud noise. Then there is the the sound of someone turning on a shower or a hose at very high pressure. This would stop periodically, followed by the coin sound again, followed by the shower sound once more.

    After what seemed like forever, all of the old oil was drained from my bike. I had to let all of the gloomy old stuff drain, because my bike had been sitting for a while, and old oil in a 40 year old engine is not a good combination to have, as it can clog up the engine and ruin everything! The spraying sound was pretty much constant the entire time, until I felt it was necessary to shake up the can again and listen to the ball bearing dance around the inside of the can.

    Session 4
    February 26 9am-1pm
    Shaw’s supermarket

    Variation 1 (The beeping of the scanner)
    – sounds like a “power up” in an old Nintendo video game. The sound has no rhythm to it, it just speeds up and slows down at random. It is really annoying, because there are many more beeps, all occurring at different frequencies all around me.

    Variation 2 ( the sound of the glass bottle crusher)
    – sounds like a fan that is going at a constant speed, until something interrupts it. This lull in the fan sound is filled with a shattering sound, and the the sound of scattering materials. It is very loud, and very close to me.

    The beeping sound is the scanner, and the faster it beeps, the better my “items scanned per minute” time will be higher, making my manager happy. But in the process, I am VERY stressed out, because there are 12 other people around me all doing the same thing! The sound the glass bottle crusher is deafening. It totally surrounds you in its loudness. It just roars to life when you push the little green button labeled “on”

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