Music and sound have always been a big part of my life. I participated in concert band all throughout middle and high school and have always enjoyed the natural sounds of everyday life.  However, I do have mild hearing loss so many sounds that other people hear on a daily basis, I do not.  I was surprised at how difficult this assignment became when I tried to listen to the sounds of silence.  At one point over vacation, I sat down with my mom in “silence” and we compared what she could hear to what I was hearing.  Many noises that would seem obvious to others such as a clock ticking or the furnace I have difficulty realizing they are occurring.  Despite this, I found it interesting to listen to sounds that I wouldnt normally think about such as the running of water and the banging of rocks hitting a snowblower it became especially interesting when I listened to these sounds as a whole with everything else that was occurring. 


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  1. sammsimmons says:

    2/22/2012 5:30pm-5:50 Kitchen

    Variation #1- Focused on water boiling as multiple voices

    whirling, whooshing, swishing, bubbling, whistling, crackiling, and sizzling

    Variation #2- Focused on water boiling as a whole

    consistent humming sound mixed with several pops and cracks became louder as time went on heard random clicking noises when hums became louder

    Summary: As my dad was cooking dinner I heard many noises. I heard the tv in the background along with the movement of the dog bowl while my dog ate his dinner. I also heard bangs and clashes as pots and pans collided. While all of this was going on I focused my attention on the constant hum and whirl of the water boiling and I heard frequent cracks, sizzles, and pops as the water came to a boil.

  2. sammsimmons says:

    2/23/2012 Living Room 5:55-6;10

    Variation #1- Focused on noises in the “silence” of my living room

    rhythmic breathing; wind blowing, paper crinkling, ocean waves

    Variation #2 Focused on how these noises interacted

    conistent sound of ocean waves with infrequent paper crinkling

    Summary: While my mom read I listened to hear sounds that I normally would have ignored. Normally, I would not have payed any attention to how someones breathing sounded like, however while sitting in silence I compared it that of ocean waves or to the wind blowing and when she turned the pages of her book it remind me of crinkling of paper.

  3. sammsimmons says:

    12/25/2012 1:10-1:25pm living room/outside

    Variation #1 focused on snowblower as multiple voices

    drum-like, consistent hum, crescendo/descrescendo, infrequent chopping

    Variation #2 focused on snowblower as a whole

    the general noise decreased and increased as the noise came closer and further away, the overall noise sounded that of a fast bead percussion instrument at random points in time chopping sounds occurred that interrupted the hum of the percussion instrument

    Summary: The snowblower created a sound one might expect to hear in the background of a concert where the noise would become louder as it came closer and softer as it went away. I never expected to connect the noise my snowblower makes to that of a concert band percussion instrument. However, the machine created a rythymic hum similar to a fast beat drum that got interrrupted with other instruments as the machine came in contact with foreign objects.

  4. sammsimmons says:

    2/25/2012 9:35-9:45 Bathroom

    Variation #1 focused on water running

    drips, swishes, splashes, constant flow

    Variation #2 focused on other sounds occurring in bathroom

    clicks, clacks, gurgling noises, swirls

    Variation #3 focused on sounds as a whole

    constant flow of dripping with infrequent splashes, clicks and swirls with a gurgling noise at the end.

    Summary: As my family came in and out of the bathroom brushing their teeth I listened for the everyday noises that are normally ignored. I witnessed the constant flow or running water which could be heard as dripping noises or that of a waterfall. As people brushed their teeth I could hear click noises as the toothbrushes clacked against their teeth.

  5. sammsimmons says:

    3/30/2012 2:30-2:40 Downstair’s Bathroom

    Variation #1- Dryer as a whole- While hearing a soft murmur that crescendoed as the dryer went on, there were several disturbance such as random ticking noises and other random clacks against the wall of the dryer from objects such as buttons and coins

    Variation #2 Background noise-
    For this I focused on the constant whirl of the dryer and it sounded like that of any other machine with a slow drone that had a faint crescendo and then a decrescendo if you really focused in on it.

    Summary: this time around I felt like it was easier to pick out what kind of sounds to look for and to focus on one sound at a time instead hearing the noise the dryer was making as a whole.

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