I have to admit I enjoy listening to music and sounds, but before doing this journal I had never found myself putting thought into the origins of sounds and how they blend and contrast with one another. When first listening I had no idea what to record or how to go about this journal. However, I did it because I was asked and found it interesting by the time I was finished. I found myself analyzing other sounds and focusing on sound as I participated in my daily errands. I found that sounds resembled other noises no matter where they came from but also differed from one another. For instance, it was interesting to look at how I heard many crackling sounds but in each setting they were different and made by different objects. When I listened to the sound of the television from the other room I found it fascinating how the crescendo of certain sounds built up the suspense and allowed me to picture scenes without even seeing the screen. Sound is so much more than a simple song or a thud that can be heard in another room because each sound has a story behind it. After doing this sound journal I found that every noise has it’s similarities and differences, yet sounds blend and mold together to form a different noise.  After this I discovered that the idea of sound is much more complex then I would have imagined.


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  1. serenity676 says:

    2/21/12 – 11:08am: In the Kitchen at Home
    Variation 1: Focus on the sound of the dishes being put away.
    Clanking, dinging, sporadic clanging, thrashing deep sound, a sudden crash in between the clanking and clanging.

    Variation 2: Focusing on the TV that can be heard in the other room competing with the dishwasher.
    Scratching, faint like an echo, growing loader as it crescendos into suspenseful build up, raspy conversation, tapping sound then loud scratchy but flowing sounds with steady tapping in background, a building up noise from soft quiet heartbeat sounds to scratching high pitched screams back to quiet rhythm with light humming. A dark thunder like sound can be heard lowering into a light rhythm making occasional rumblings.

    Variation 3: Focus on voice of main character of the TV show.
    Raspy, dry, stunned shock as it increases to a higher pitch dispersing into deepness, questioning, loud tone decrescendos into soft hesitant tone that crescendos with anger and loud demanding tone.

    My center was on the clanking and rowdy sound if the dishwasher, but the sound of the television from the next room moved from a horizon sound barely audible to a competing sound with the dishwasher I was forced to focus my attention on it. The sound of the television became overpowering and it was easy to listen to the tones building and falling setting the tone for the audience. The sounds of the show help the viewer sense certain emotions feeling and left me picturing the scenes, which I couldn’t see because they were hidden behind the wall allowing me to merely get a sense of what was happening through the sounds being heard. If I were to do additional variations I would focus on how the voice blends and contrasts with the sound in the background.

  2. serenity676 says:

    2/21/12 – 5:54pm: In the living room at home
    Variation 1: Focusing on the background noises of the room
    Humming, creaking sporadically, squeaks that fade out, waves of crinkling and rattling, loud voices, shuffling sounds, and tapping.

    Variation 2: Focus on the rocking chair
    Squeaking, flow, fluidity, sporadic creaks, certain cracks fight their way into the mix, rhythm with swooshes that flow together, occasional whistles.

    Variation 3: Focusing on sporadic creaks
    Loud, squealing or scratches, interrupting the mix, moaning in a way.

    During this process I listened to the blending of all the noises in the room as I read and thought it would make for an interesting entry. I listened to all the sounds but then picked out a main focus wondering where it fit into the mix. I was then able to hear a certain aspect made by this initial sound and honed in on it forcing myself to narrow my hearing range more. This allowed me the opportunity to hear how certain aspects work into a blend of sounds. If I were to explore this further I would focus on how those certain pieces work their way into the whole.

  3. serenity676 says:

    2/23/12 – 11:25am: Bottle Return in my home town

    Variation 1: Focusing on overall sounds
    Clanking, dings sporadic, chimes, scratching, static, dongs, loud, bangs, beeping, voices, screeching, popping, dripping.

    Variation 2: Focusing on the bottles and cans
    Clanking, dings, shatter, dongs, chiming, liquid drips

    Variation 3: Focusing on the glass bottles
    Hollow whistles, drips, dongs, chimes, sporadic dings

    Shutting out the sounds around from the outside. I took the many sounds being made as I was waiting trying to listen to just the bottle redemption sounds. Then I focused on certain sounds that popped fighting for the spotlight. I moved from the whole outside setting of the bottle redemption place to just the sounds the lady made as she emptied the trash bags of bottles and cans. I then noticed the glass bottles made the most of this noise and focused closely on their overpowering tone. If I were to do another variation I would focus on the hollow whistles and how they blend into a rhythm with all the sounds.

  4. serenity676 says:

    2/23/12 – 12:17pm In kitchen at home
    Variation 1: Focusing on cutting board sounds
    Slam, smooth sloshing, bam, flowing slashes, cringing scratches.

    Variation 2: Focusing on the cooking of the meal
    Sizzling, crackling, occasional clanks, pops, crack, low simmering sounds rising up into a loud rumble of sizzles. These sounds repeat in a rhythm.

    Variation 3: Listening to setting the table
    Clanking, dings of silver, bang as plate meets the surface, pouring, drizzling sounds, shimmering, clanks more drizzling sounds, Crackling, calming to silence.

    In this journal I found myself following the sounds as they moved from one section to the next while listening to lunch being prepared. I listened as it moved from the cutting station to being cooked to making its way to the table. This process allowed me to hear how even when using the same objects it can have a different sound when placed into a different situation. If I were to do another variation and look more closely at the noises made at the end during the cleaning process.

  5. serenity676 says:

    2/23/12 – 2:00pm: At a Best Buy store in my home town
    Variation 1: Focusing on the noises within the store
    Mumbling, robotic dinging, murmurings, beat boxing sputtering, laughing, random dings and dongs, buzzing, random beats fluttering around.

    Variation 2: Focusing on random dings and dongs
    Fluttery, alternating rhythmically, beeping, humming

    Variation 3: Focusing on the alarm sound
    Light saver sounds, rapid whizzing sounds, buzzing, crescendo loud buzzes that eventually become murmurs.

    I found myself hearing and listening to the many sounds while in the Best Buy store in my town. There were many sounds scattered throughout the store and I found myself listening to it as a whole then focusing on the ones that stood out because they cancelled out many of the others these sounds were the alarm sounds and the random beeping that occurred in one area. If I were to do another variation I would probably focus on the buzzing sound of faint music that could be heard in another area.

  6. serenity676 says:

    Sound Journal # 6
    March 31, 2012 at 8:00pm
    Setting: My Room

    Variation 1: Background Noise on The Television
    Humming, Chirping, Tings, light murmurs, creaking, light music playing fluidly, whistles, crescendo building hums.

    Variation 2: Listening to The Building Hums
    Scratchy, Crescendo building, blending plucks, plunks mixing from instruments, lightly fading into background noise till none existent over noise

    Variation 3: Background Noise
    Chipper, Cheery, Shimmering, Chirping, Tinging, occasional scratches, buzzing, flowing and blending, generally smooth

    Variation 4: Listening to Chirping
    High pitched, fluid, joyous, twangy, tinkling, subtly fades away

    Overall Summary:
    I listened to the same clip of a television show a few times to really hear the background sound going on. I focused on how the sounds blended then picked out the parts that seemed to relate to one another. I was amazed at how listening to these sounds even when not gazing at what is going around you can imagine the light hums of the hot summer air and the birds chirping in the trees giving you an image of summer time. It amazed me how one noise brought out the other sounds and slowly all blended into one another nicely. The sounds gave the feeling of happiness and sweet noise. By focusing on certain aspect of the sound you are able to see how different areas work together to make the background sound as a whole enough to give one the feel of summer time.

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