This sound journal opened up a lot of ideas about sound and space that I had never gone into detail about before. I have always been one to sit and listen and observe, but opening up my mind to how sounds interact as sounds, not the noises they make, was entirely unique and new to me. I had some very challenging areas to listen in and I found that the areas that provided the most sounds (Civic Center and Car) where the most difficult to ascertain. Tuning your ears and mind towards a very transparent idea of sounds and how they interact as sounds is very difficult, but it was something that I enjoyed doing.


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  1. kylerines says:

    2/17/12 – 9:30-10:00am – Augusta Civic Center (Basketball Game)

    Variation 1 – the sounds of the people as a whole

    Panicky, confused, wave-like in volume, a murmur of quiet voices,

    Variation 2 – the sounds of the game

    Feet as drums on the floor, squeaking of sneakers, abrupt stop of game noise

    Being in a large area like the Civic Center, there were many noises to accustom myself to. Trying to zone out certain things as I focused on a particular aspect of the venue, proved to be the most difficult. The murmuring of the people was wave-like, their noises, not words, went up and down in a cycle. The noise they made was so constant, a listener would think that these sounds were so concrete, they must be a real wave of sound. The game gave a very different taste as to what sound is. Ironically, it reminded me of a battle. The sneakers drummed on the court, the steady beat of an army. The quick interjections of squeaking shoes, like rifle fire. The whistle of the referee, ceasing all noise as if he were a general in charge of this army.

  2. kylerines says:

    2/22/12 – 6:00-6:10pm – My home kitchen

    Variation 1 – The hopefulness of the pot on the stove

    Tapping, clicking, wooshing of air, an element waiting for release

    The hot pot on the stove was clicking and tapping, as it held hot air inside. The event of this air reaching its way out is what intrigued me. I imagined the air, the sound of the air, as a hopeful being, trapped within the steel. The tap-tap-tapping was a clanging, reaching out of its prison, grasping on to the slight chance of escape. The air being released was a slight wooshing, a subtle sound. You had to listen carefully to discover this subtle thief escaping from it’s prison.

  3. kylerines says:

    2/24/12 – 10:30-10-45pm – My room, the power goes out.

    Variation 1 – The sound of silence, dominating

    Pressuring, enveloping, eerie,

    Variation 2 – The sounds of my body against the silence

    Scared, steady, constant, sound of my breath was the lasting noise

    I was lying in my bed, and the sound of my heater was slowly lulling me to sleep, and all of a sudden the power went out. There was no sound of the refrigerator on the floor above, or the furnace turning on, or my heater heating my room. Instead, all I heard was the rhythm of my heart, and the sound of my breath. The silence became the sound. How did my sounds, echo off the room, off of the silence? My breathing became the only constant. It came out of my body, and traveled across the room, and back towards my ears. I realized that sounds can bounce off each other and they travel much like a highway system, except with no power the sounds of my breathing had no interference on that system, and could surround my hearing space.

  4. kylerines says:

    2/26/12 – 1:15-2:00pm – Driving to Farmington

    Variation 1 – How the wheels interact with the road

    Smooth, constant, ambience

    The noise of the wheels beneath the car creates an ambience inside the car, a rubbing noise that vibrates, but calms at the same time. It surrounds the listener, the sound itself. What I found the most interesting was how even with the radio on, the noise of the car, and the wind against the car, the sound created by the tires was the loudest and most dominating.

  5. kylerines says:

    3/27/12 – 5:05pm – 5:12pm – My Bedroom

    Variation 1 – Observing the “hum of my nervous system”

    loud, uncomfortable, interesting, encompassing

    After reading the reading for this upcoming week, there was a section where Ihde talks about himself hearing the sound of his nervous system. This immediately interested me and I decided to do my variation on a time where I unconsciously and by chance listened to my body. The feeling was something I have experienced before; that constant hum. I noticed that as a sat there in silence, the greater the hum became. I tried not focusing on it, and it slowly faded, but as I tried to look for the noise, it became almost too loud for me and my surroundings. I found myself wanting to make a noise or some other noise come crashing in to stop the hum. The words encompassing and uncomfortable are so true to the way I felt during this brief listening experience. After this, I realized how my body is constantly on edge, prepared to react and acknowledge things around me.

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