It was very interesting to do a sound journal in another state across the country. Even though I was so far from home, many of the sounds I heard would probably be the same if I had heard them at home in a similar area. The basketball court, bus, dining/kitchen area, playground, and lodging area all presented mostly typical sounds for those types of spots. This sound journal gave me the opportunity to sit back and really focus on the noises going on around me that I might normally just ignore.


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Sophomore at University of Maine at Farmington majoring in Music Administration

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  1. hsmithrose says:

    2/19/12, 3:10pm-3:26pm, Gentilly Baptist Church Lodging Room, New Orleans, LA

    Variation 1: Focus on the basketball game in the next room as multiple voices

    thumps, tappint, squeaks, hollow dents, knocking, scuffing

    Summary: By blocking out the competing voices and other noises, I was really able to focus on the basketball and its relationship with the court and players. This opened a whole new space where only the basketball lived. Its contact with the floor created the deep thumping and hollow dent sounds. As the ball was shuffled across the court, it made squeaking and tapping sounds. When the ball flew past the net, a knocking and rattling sound was created. All of these sounds typically made an unpredictable rhythm. Additional variations could include adding a broader context of noises, such as the player’s voices and/or the sounds coming from the room I observed from. For this variation, I chose to focus on the basketball game as my center since it was the loudest thing I could hear, making it the easiest to focus on for my first variation.

  2. hsmithrose says:

    2/21/12, 4:41pm-4:56pm, Gentilly Baptist Church Playground, New Orleans, LA

    Variation 2: Focus on sounds in the immediate playground

    high-pitched chirping, vibration, creaking, rustling, voices chattering

    Summary: This variation became very difficult because it was challenging to block out sounds made by cars on the road nearby and other surrounding areas. The playground was my center and the road was my fringe. When I began to focus, I could hear an obvious chatter of voices and bird chirps. As I listened deeper, I could pick up the creaking of the swingset and rustling from people walking on the grass, etc. There was also a clear vibrating noise coming from an unknown source. I noticed that the chirps sounded like they were playing off one another. All of the sounds that I heard were expected to be heard on a playground, with maybe the exception of the vibration. Most of the sounds kept a predictable rhythm, except for the voices and the rustling. I expected this because these sounds were made by humans and humans are typically unpredictable.

  3. hsmithrose says:

    2/23/12, 4:28pm-4:41pm, Gentilly Baptist Church Dining/Kitchen Area, New Orleans, LA

    Variation 3: Focus on the immediate dining and kitchen area

    Humming/vibrating, crunching, chatter, slamming, hollow dents, scuffing, dripping, tapping

    Summary: For this variation, I sat in the dining area and focused on the noises in that area, along with the kitchen area behind me. My fringe included the sounds from the lodging rooms in front of me and the basketball court and bathrooms to the right of me. The source of the high speed humming/vibrating was the refrigerator and other appliances; these had a predictable rhythm. The rest of the sounds were generally unpredictable. Chatter and scuffing was a result of people talking and walking around. Crunching, slamming, and hollow dent sounds came from someone scooping ice into a bucket. Dripping and tapping came from water pouring out of a faucet. Another variation I could’ve tried would have been to only focus on the dining or kitchen area. In that variation, I would’ve been able to delve deeper into the precise rhythms of the sounds.

  4. hsmithrose says:

    2/25/12, 8:21pm-8:30pm, Bus ride home from New Orleans to Farmington, Somewhere on the road in VA

    Variation 4: Focus only on the sounds made directly from the bus

    shaking, rattling, humming/vibrating, bumps, cracking

    Summary: In this variation, the noises made from the bus was my focus while my fringe was everything going on inside of the bus (people talking, moving, etc.) The bumps, humming, and shaking was a result of the tires riding on the road. The rattling and cracking were made specifically when we were driving over uneven pavement. Those sounds, in particular, went to an unpredictable rhythm. The humming was the only predictable rhythm. The shaking and bumps happened together and the rattling and cracking followed. If I were to do another variation, I could focus on just the noises from inside the bus or both the bus noises and man-made noises together.

  5. hsmithrose says:

    3/27/12, 11:26am-11:40am, My Living Room, Nashua, NH

    Variation 1: Focus on sounds only in living room

    crackling, cracking, creaking

    Summary: This variation was difficult because it required me to block out all of the surrounding noises. When I finally was able to focus on the sounds in the living room, I could hear all of the electronics (television, cable box, etc) still crackling and cracking from being recently shut down. As I started to concentrate even further, I could even hear people in the apartment below moving around through my floor. In this variation, my living room was my center while the kitchen and the outdoors was my fringe.

    Variation 2: Focus on surrounding sounds from the kitchen and outside

    buzzing, vibrating, chirping, crackling, high-pitched taps

    Summary: In this variation, I turned the tables and made the kitchen and outdoors my center and the living room my fringe. Naturally, from the outdoors I heard birds chirping and other animal-like noises, but I also heard a mysterious high-pitched tapping sound. The refrigerator and other appliances created a constant buzzing/vibrating sound.

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