Art as Technique

This article argues that art is thinking in images. There are some forms of art such as music, lyrics or architecture which cannot be described by images and perhaps the more appropriate way to look at art is through the understanding of symbols. Imagery equals symbolism.  Imagery can be used to place objects into specific categories and with reinforcing an idea. Poetry in particular is not so concerned with creating images as they are sharing them amongst fellow artists and arranging them to convey a certain message.  Determining an artists value and the importance of a certain piece of art is ultimately based on one’s individual perception. As our perceptions become routine habit they become automatic. We use symbols in language to simplify ideas to their root meaning. This is evident as our society has advanced through technology. At the turn of the 21st century our generation began using symbols to simplify language on the world wide web. Acronyms like lol, brb, lmfao and stfu come to mind. Jakuninsky calls this phenomenon a “alegebraic method”. Scholes says “it is our experience of the process of construction that counts, not the finished product.” In my mind that means that the experience of creating something is much more important for our psyche than the result. In the sense of text language the young generations created meaning our of abbreviations giving it farmiliarity to us over time and initial unfamiliarity for our elders. The article made an interesting point also about eroticism and how we use riddles to define body parts or sexual acts. Adults use code languages around children to preventthe use of inappropriate langugae and kids use amusing words to symbolize an act they are not yet farmiliar with. Art becomes art when we push our understanding to turn something farmiliar into something new and interesting.

The idea that I took away most from this article is the idea that in our society we use symbols to mean certain things. A good example that came to mind to illustrate our using codes for eroticism is a clip from the television show Friends. (skip to 8:00 minute mark)

Chapter 2 Exploring the World of Perception: Space

The idea I took away from this brief chapter is that our perception is determined not by what we actually see but what we choose to see. Painters select which areas of a landscape they are looking at to depict on the canvas. As human beings it is in our nature to give structure and a frame to what we are seeing condensing things to make them easier to comprehend. Our bodies are the vehicle with which our minds have to operate and our perceptions are limited as a result within the confines of what our bodies are capable of perceiving.  I found this chapter extremely interesting because it points out the reality of the world we live in. It is our nature t0 want to be able to capture everything all at once but at the end of the day we are only capable of what our body can do. The interesting thing I’ve realized over the years is that our society celebrates those that push the idea of physical limitations. I’ve realized that most of what we think we cannot do, we can do we are just to afraid to try. To bend and command our body to do a certain thing. Our bodies are capable of incredible things and once you lose the fear of pushing yourself by testing your limits that is when you find happiness.

Chapter 6 Art and the World of Perception

The idea that stuck with me about this chapter is the focus on a painting as a “constitute of a pictorial event”. I find it interesting and thought provoking to consider a painting not a copy of something else but an individual thing by itself with individual characteristics that make it different than anything else in the world. The same could be said of all life. People are all uniquely different, one of a kind. Even twins who look the same are distinctly unique. It is interesting how our society glorifies being the same and fitting in, or unique events where things appear to be the same like three or four babies who all look the same. We ignore the fact that each is unique and simplify things for a variety of reasons. I think it is human nature to fear what we do not understand so analyzing something complex and really appreciating differences is tough for some people to do. I find it interesting that the article points out that people filter our perception of things to tell a story that is marketable because everyone is “chasing success”. No matter what the art form, in order to truly percieve something we must dismiss our memories and previous ideas which is very difficult to do in a society where we are constantly called upon to remember things.




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