I feel like over all that the sound journal was a very interesting project. I struggled to find where I should do my listening sessions at every place except the preschool. That is on of the first places that I thought of when the project was described to us. All of the different noises that the babies make made this easier. I had a hard time know what noises that I should tune out and what ones to pay attention to. I trying to tune out all talking (minus the babies noises because they aren’t real words). That is mainly the reason why I picked where my different locations were. Also the sounds that I wrote about are all very different. Another thing that I struggled with was describing the noises. I can honestly say I dont really remember describing a noise since daycare when you talking about animal noises. Besides that I would just say the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks rather than going into further detail to find the noises. I feel like for this project it really helped me know how to further describe noises and really helped me analyze noises.


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  1. anyastaszko says:

    LIstening Session 1:
    Date: February 19, 2012 – 3:30pm, kitchen at my house.
    Variation 1: Focus on the noise of Tucker (my dog) snoring and patterns… if any.
    Saw grading wood, no pattern, varying in sound, different lengths (some longer than others).
    Variation 2: Focus on the other noises in the kitchen the pasta sauce being made.
    Bubbling noises, soft scraping of the wooden spoon with the bowl (whoosh).
    Summary: After I took my dog for a walk/swim at the beach we came back and shortly after he passed out. He’s a big time snorer so I picked up on this. I tuned out my moms talking but picked up on what she was doing. Sturing the bubbling pasta sauce. Unlike the snoring the bubble noise was constant and persistant.

  2. anyastaszko says:

    Listening Session 2:
    Date: February 20, 2012 – 5:15pm, Fort Williams Park
    Variation 1: Focus on the noise when I run.
    Crunching of the gravel, splish from puddles, constant beat.
    Variation 2: Focus on the waves crashing on the rocks.
    Constant reps, soothing noises, “shh” noise
    Summary: With all of these sounds they were very soothing. The crunching of gravel and sound of the waves hitting the rocks were very constant almost like they were working together. The sound of running in the puddles was less frequently but seemed to change the beet as well.

  3. anyastaszko says:

    Listening Session 3:
    Date: February 22, 2012 – 12:50pm, Preschool
    Variation 1: Focus on the noises coming from the baby and what she is doing.
    Clicking (from the swing that she is in), crying, whining noise, grumbling (almost sounding like a “rawr” dinosaur noise).
    Variation 2: Focus on the other noises going on in the room.
    Jamaican sounding music (bongo like drums), “dj’ing” skip in the song (wa wa wa noise), the clicking noise of the rocking chair that is sat in, beeps of the co workers phones, deep rasping mumbles.
    Summary: I wanted to do a sound journal from the preschool during nap time because there isn’t really talking so I didn’t really need to tune any voices, or lyrics out. I liked to see how the different noises impacted each other. The loudest noise by far was the babies cry. I dont know if this was because our brains are trained to hear that if someone is crying something is wrong or if that was just the noise was loud in itself. When the baby wasn’t crying though you could hear everything a lot better and it didn’t seem as though the noises were competing to be heard.

  4. anyastaszko says:

    Listening Session 4:
    Date: February 26, 2012 – 1:20pm, Driving
    Variation 1: Listen to the starting noises.
    Thumping constantly on beat, “rumrumrum” noises from the engine starting up, constant humming.
    Variation 2: Try doing different things in the truck that maybe would make noises.
    Swish of the windshield wipers, a squeak noise as if you were squishing a rubber duck when you put on the breaks.
    Summary: The sound of the first variation was all working together increasing in sound. Bu the second variation was messed up and random when it came to the rhythm because I was doing it myself and changing different things.

  5. anyastaszko says:

    Listening Session March break:
    Variation 1: Smooth fast-talking with little breaks between the sentences. Deep, southing murmurs. Clearly not the choppy English that I’m used to.
    Variation 2: Scratchy whispers in the distance. Not making out that they are saying. Almost like a little sibling dragging on you trying to play with you, almost like an annoyance. I can hear the “p’s” especially well. The enunciation of them or how close they are holding the speaker to their mouths.
    Variation 3: Waves of sound coming in and out louder and softer as groups walk by. Busy sound, stressful.
    Variation 4: Rapid beeping as if you had a phone on speakerphone and were hitting random numbers.
    Summery: At the air port, Baltimore Washington International, I decided to do my listening session. I wanted to do it here mainly because my first flight yesterday was running an hour late and because of this my family and I missed our connecting flight. They couldn’t get us out to Portland International Airport until 2:30 the next day and what better why to spend the boring time that listening to the many different noises that are around me that at an airport. Together the loudest noise is the overhead speaker. It doesn’t come on constantly or with any rhythm for that matter. Nothing here is in rhythm. The noises are fast and choppy, is stress had a noise to go with the definition this would be it.

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