I found this assignment to be quite difficult for me. I have an incredibly hard time staying focused on solely one thing, especially sound. I found myself getting off track and looking around at my surroundings and straying away from the noises I was trying so hard to focus on. It was interesting to see how many sounds are constantly around us in different places. Towards the end of my sound journal sessions I found it much easier to pay attention to sounds, it’s incredible how when you begin practicing listening to different sounds it becomes easier to tune into or tune out of specific sounds. I now catch myself paying more attention to the “insignificant” sounds around me. The sound journal is something I would definitely enjoy doing again using different places and times than I just used.


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  1. allysonlepage says:

    2/20/12 ~ 11:30 P.M.-11:45 P.M., my bedroom, Lewiston ME

    Variation One: listened to my ceiling fan

    humming, creaking, buzzing

    Variation Two: focused solely on the creaking noise

    noticed the sound isn’t constant. the creak comes and goes about every two seconds.
    sounds like branches quietly breaking almost like a snap.

    Summary: I chose to do my sound journal in my bedroom right before bed because this is when my house is absolutely quiet and there is nothing to interrupt me or noise to distract me as well. In this variation it was easier to listen to just the creaking noise rather than focus on all the noises in harmony.

  2. allysonlepage says:

    2/25/12 ~ 4:30P.M-4:40P.M., driving in the car

    Variation One: focusing on listening to the car with no radio

    soft hum, occasion swoosh noise when accelerating, rattling noise.

    Variation Two: focused on strictly the rattle noise

    sounded like little things in a plastic container, constant noise never faded or changed speed.

    I really enjoyed this sound journal. I found it very difficult to focus on the sounds the car was making without also tuning into the sounds coming from my surroundings like other cars and noises outside. I never realized the noises my mom’s car makes. It was nice to finally figure out where the rattling noise came from after focusing solely on the noise.

  3. allysonlepage says:

    2/22/12, 6:45P.M-7:00P.M., sitting by the fire in my basement

    Variation One: focusing on all the noises.

    crackling, humming, snapping, buzzing.

    Variation Two: focusing solely on the fire.

    the fire would making a crackling noise every once in awhile, there was no consistency in the crackling noise. every once in awhile there would be a snapping noise.

  4. allysonlepage says:

    2/15/2012 ~ 2:15P.M. – 2:30P.M. in my dorm room

    Variation One: focusing on the noise I hear outside

    sirens, whooshing, voices.

    the whooshing noise came along with a slushing noise.

    Variation Two: noises inside my dorm room.

    tapping noise, occasional slam and a constant humming noise.

    Summary: The noises outside of my dorm room primarily came from the busyness of the street it is on. The cars on the street were responsible for the whooshing noises, the slushy noise came from the cars traveling on a wet street. When I focused on the noise inside my dorm room I could mostly hear my roommate typing away at her computer. The occasional slam came from my neighbors shutting their doors & the humming was from our dorm room heater.

  5. allysonlepage says:

    4/1/2012 – 11:00

    Variation 1: Focusing on the noises outside.

    honking, swishing, echos, chirping.

    Variation 2: Noises inside my room

    ticking noise, buzzing, electric noise.

    Variation 3: focusing on the song that is playing.

    high pitch voices (fading in and out), pounding noise, clapping noise, rhythm is on three counts, piano noise comes in and out.

    I found that this listening session was easier to complete because we have had plenty of practice listening to different sounds and analyzing them. My first variation, listening to the noises outside of my dorm was incredibly easy to focus on because there is always constant noise outside from the cars. Listening to the noise inside of my dorm room was fairly difficult because there was not much to focus on and the noise from outside would sometimes interfere. The noises I heard during my session focusing on noises inside my dorm room came from my typing and the fan. My roommate then played a song and I focused on what was going on in the song for my third variation.

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