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  1. ktmac92 says:

    Date: 2/20
    Time: 11:45 AM
    Place: arm chair beside my piano

    variation 1: I tried to listen to the way different sounds reacted to each other around the house, the humming drone of the dryer with the inconsistant clicks of zippers as the clothes were tumbled around, the vibratings echo that came from my piano after I coughed

    variation 2: I listened for which sounds were constant and which weren’t like the buzzing of my computer vs. the creaking and thrumming of the radiator in the corner, or the rumbling purr of my cat vs. the occasional whimpers of my dog as she slept on the floor next to me

    summary: it was quieter than normal in my house since both my mom and I were sick so all the little noises that usually get covered up by movements were audible, it was interesting how even though it was just as quiet as it is at night our old house was full of different sounds during the day

  2. ktmac92 says:

    Date: 2/23
    Time: 2:30 PM
    Place: same

    variation 1: I tried to focus on the voices in our kitchen three rooms away; my mom and some of the women she works with were talking about their students in the kitchen

    variation 2: I tried to ignore the voices and here other sounds instead like the occasional buzz of someone’s phone, the sound of chairs moving as people got up or sat down, the sound of water running or a spoon hitting a bowl

    summary: I found that when I first tried to focus on their voices it made ignoring them later a little harder, I had spent the time focusing only on that and then tried to ignore it and it didn’t work at first

  3. ktmac92 says:

    Date: 2/24
    Time: 11:45 PM
    Place: bedroom

    variation 1: focused on the living sounds in my room; the consistant rumble from my cat the quiet puffs of air from my dog breathing at the foot of the bed, and the rythmic breathing of my best friend sleeping on the floor

    variation 2: focus just on Cheez (the cat); his purring wasn’t as consistant as I thought, he’d get louder and then quieter and then stop altogether for a moment before starting again

    summary: when I was listening to more than one noise I didn’t hear them correctly but when I focused on just Cheez I noticed how his purring changed

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