Overall Summary: I was very excited to keep a sound journal over break. There is sound all around us and to tune in to specific sounds that you don’t normally focus on or even actually hear is interesting. We are constantly always blocking out sounds with other sounds and don’t focus on anything specific. With each sound journal entry, I learned something new. Each sound pattern either had rhythm or didn’t. There are lots of different ways to focus on certain sounds and I tried listening to something different for each one. Overall, this experience was very interesting and new. I now find myself focusing more on each sounds I hear throughout the day.


About New Zealand Advenures

Headed to New Zealand for 3 months! Exploring around the North Island mixed with volunteering with Hillary Outdoors Education Centre and hopefully checking out the South Island through some WWOOFing experiences!

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  1. wav16 says:

    2/21/12, 1:00pm-1:15pm, Computer Center Help Desk

    Variation1: Focus on printer sounds
    clicking, smooth, swipe(repeating),grinding

    Variation2: Focus on how these specific sounds interact
    clicking sounds start and grind together like teamwork. Soft, smooth swipe starts and continues the same. Smooth swipe seems to sooth the grinding click

    Summary: While working at the help desk, I sat and listened to the repeating sounds of the OCE printer we have. There was a certain rhythm to each print job that came through. All these sounds were working so hard to produce this one big final project.

  2. wav16 says:

    2/23/12,4:00pm-4:20pm, Computer Center

    Variation1: Focus on the vents in the ceiling
    shake, rattling, echo, random

    Variation2: Focus on just the rattling
    starts off soft, you can barely hear it, sounds distant. Slow and very muffled. Then, it gets louder and louder and the rattling is pounding and more distinct and clear. It feels like the rattling is all around you on all sides.

    Summary: I was sitting at work when I heard a rattle from our vents that I had never actually noticed before. It would fade in and out with no specific pattern except for getting loud and soft. It was very interesting to sit that and listen to this sound that I had never noticed before.

  3. wav16 says:

    2/24/12, 4:20pm-4:40pm, Grandparents Living Room

    Variation1: Focus on the fire
    crack, flicker, flaking, ‘ding’, swoosh, ‘clunk’

    Variation2: Focus on the pattern in which those sounds come
    Low, smooth flickering crack that fades in and out a couple times. The occasional ‘ding’ happens in between the flicker and crack. A loud ‘clunk’ ends the pattern and it seems to start all over again with the low, smooth sounds.

    Summary: I was listening to the wood-burning stove at my grandparents house. The ‘ding’ and ‘clunk’ noises were wood shifting around that would randomly happen and was so much louder then the soft, soothing flicker and crackling noises. Very peaceful and warm.

  4. wav16 says:

    2/26/12, 9:00-9:15am, Room

    Variation1: Focus on the sounds coming from the fridge
    constant humming, ticking, silence

    Variation2: Focus on the pattern on the sounds
    Low humming fading in and out. A loud ticking starts and then their is complete silence. This repeats a couple times and then their is total silence for a little bit.

    Summary: My fridge has always made this noises and I have just really never noticed them because of all the other sounds usually going on(talking, music, cooking, etc). It was interesting to just tune into one particular sound that is always happening around me

  5. wav16 says:

    3/29/12 9:00-9:15am

    Variation1: Focus on the noises heard from the backyard and how they all sound together. Chirping, rumbling, whooshing.

    Variation2: Focus on the chirping and rumbling and how they sound close versus in the distance. The sounds that sound like they are closer to me, I can hear more clearly. There is a distinct sound between the high,fast pitch sound and the low, slow rumble. In the distance they are mixed together and there is just a constant humming.

    Summary: I sat outside while I was home over break and decided to listen to all the sounds around me. I also live next to train tracks and so that humming sound added to my background noise. It was interesting how I can pick out certain sounds that are close or farther away and hear their specific pitches.

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