Jeremy’s Sound Journal

When I began this assignment I did not know what to think about how to go about it. As music major I have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with sounds and where there origins come from, however it is a whole other story when one adds a handicap on your vocabulary to describe it. What I learned from meditating on sounds in a room and being able to abstractly connect them was just how connected we are to the environment that we encompass with sound. Sound is everywhere there is no such thing as silence is a state of mind that was the most important lesson I gathered.


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  1. jjc2008 says:

    Date 2/23/12, Time 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM Water Street Park.
    Variation 1 focused on the sounds of the swings and the trees and the park.
    The sounds were vibrant with dynamic highs and lows as the trees swayed and the wind bellowed.
    Variation 2, isolate the sound of the wind blowing against the trees.
    The sounds of the trees angainst the wind began to sound like a riot taking me back to a time of unrest.

  2. jjc2008 says:

    Date 2/24/12, Time 8:00 PM-9:00 PM Computer room, my house.
    Variation 1 I sat down and meditated on the room all of what was in it and around the room to try and pick up on the sounds in the room I was in and the sounds that I was making.
    I went into this session without sounds initially, I wanted to see what sounds made up the computer room as a space and to see what my presence did to influence the sound environment.

  3. jjc2008 says:

    Date 2/25/12, Time 3:00-3:40 PM Father’s House Computer room.
    Variation 1: Focusing on the palpation sounds of clangs and bang like sounds of the kitchen.
    Variation 2: isolating the sounds of the kitchen, the bangs and clangs of random dishes and food.
    My variations, made the kitchen sound like a something completely different like the big bangs and clangs of ordinary cloths and cooking ware made you feel like you were in a working city.

  4. jjc2008 says:

    Date 2/25/12, Time 5:00-6:00 Girlfriends House Kitchen.
    Variation 1: Listened to the humming noises of various devices in the house and the loud drone that was being produced by the cacophony of noise in the kitchen.
    Variation 2: rearranged the noises in my head to try to make sense of what was going on at the time the humming and drone noises were being produced.
    After I rearranged the noises in my head it took me to a different place, what I thought was the kitchen melded and turned into as a vacuum like place of space in my mind.

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