In class we ave talked a lot about how there is really no such thing as silence and that is something that a few of my posts focused on. I thought it was interesting to listen to all the different things that were going on around me when I was in this supposed silence. I was amazed to find so many things were actually going on around me that i couldn’t even list them all.


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  1. mcdunn92 says:

    Date 2/19/12
    Time 11:25 am
    Place Car

    Variation 1- Listened to the things going on outside the car wind hitting the windshield, tires on the road, other cars passing,

    was uneven pavement so sounded like a dull humming

    Variation 2 – listened to the clicking of phone keys

    no distinct pattern but after a while my brain be came conditioned to expect the clicking after it heard the ringtone of the phone. No matter how long it was between reply’s.

    The car ride was not filled with any music or talking so it left me free to focus on the things going on around me. I found myself focusing mostly on the things outside the car and the humming of the tires on the pavement was not a comforting sound that you normally associate humming with.

  2. mcdunn92 says:

    Date 2/23/12
    Time 7:40
    Place Kitchen

    Variation 1 – focusing on the sound of the grease form the food cooking splattering in the pan
    popping and crackling seemed to make an underlying beat for the other sounds that were going on in the kitchen like scraping on the floor was more high pitched and slamming of the fridge door was more steady

    Variation 2 – focused on the dripping water from the sink
    the constant drip from the sink was at sort of like a quarter note then rest in 4/4 time. then a hot pan got added to the sink so the pitch of the water palling changed for a minute, it sizzled and then it clanged, but at a different pitch than before it was more hallow sounding.

    The kitchen was a bustling place tonight the preparation for the taco dinner was very noisy. much different than my last listening. I learned that I never really realized that everyday sounds tend to make a type of song if you listen to them hard enough and you can piece them together. i found myself thinking about if this is how musicians come up with their inspirations for songs. it is probably not about tacos but it could be.

  3. mcdunn92 says:

    Date 2/24/12
    Time 1:48
    Place Living-room

    Variation 1 – focusing on the sounds of my own computer
    whirring (high pitched and low pitched), tapping, buzzing, clicking on keys,

    Variation 2 – Focusing on the sounds of others traveling around my house
    thudding, sighing, scampering, crashing, falling, dropping, sniffling, coughing, swinging

    The entire family was home on vacation and nobody was talking so essentially we were sitting in silence but there were so many noises that you just block out unless you are actually looking for them.

  4. mcdunn92 says:

    Date 2/25/12
    Time 8:43
    Place Living-room

    Variation 1 – Watching the Bruins Game
    cheering, cometary, buzzers, gasps, yelling, commercials

    Variation 2 – Watching a prime time tv show
    charter dialog, commercials, music, computer clicking,

    While watching the game people were much more into the TV than during the normal TV show. People were only really paying attention with their ears during the TV show while during the hockey game they were using their eyes and their ears.

  5. mcdunn92 says:

    Date – 3/25/12
    Time – 3:30
    Place – Walking Around Freeport

    Variation 1 – Listening to the cars driving by, crunching gravel under tires, beeping of horns, brakes squeaking to allow pedestrians to cross sidewalks.

    Variation 2 – Listening to people talking, 2 different languages were heard french and english. I found myself ‘staring’ into their conversations and getting a glimpse into their lives, some people were talking about how they spent too much money giving the sense that they were in some sort of financial stress. Others were sharing great deals they had found with their friends giving the impression that they were well off and had the money to spend or needed the things that they were buying.

    Summary – This time I found that the sound journal was easier to think about because we had talked a lot about sound in class and i was even able to relate some of the things form the staring unit into sound. I never realized how much they were related to each other.

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