I chose this ad along with the essay Wine and Milk because this add pokes fun of many of the wine connotations we heard about in class along with still showing us the many misconceptions we have about people who consume wine. This commercial starts off in Italy showing a man wearing a classy linen suit and he lives in this huge mansion with a beautiful elegant wife. There is a beautiful sunset in the background, it shows a picture perfect Tuscany. The description fits perfectly with the idea that wine is meant for people of privilege or people who have an elegance about them. The man then says this is not is wine, his mansion or his wife and then tosses the wine. I think this in many ways shatters the connotations we’ve had about wine without directly doing so because the man is saying you do not need to drink wine from Italy or be that person in the mansion to enjoy a glass of wine.

The man then ends up in Croatia and shows us another scene where he again seems very cultured, he shows his soccer buddies and is still in a lovely sunset scene with rolling hills behind him. He then once again says he’s not in Croatia, and the Croatian wine is not his wine. He then also reminds us that this zinfandel is similar to the Italy one, further reminding us that we don’t need to be in Croatia or Italy to enjoy a good glass of zin, we don’t have to be as elegant as he’s portraying himself to be.

Finally the man ends up in California, he’s dressed like an average man in jeans and a button up. He’s also in a beautiful wine country with the sunset behind him. He has his real wife standing next to him and she is also in jeans. The man then says that California is his land, California zinfandel is also his wine. The man and his wife then walk over to a house that is a picture perfect American home. I think this advertisement chose to show an All-American home to appeal to average Americans. Many of us look at the home and think that looks just like my house, or a family members house. Which then gets viewers to think well if this All-American man can enjoy a glass of wine then I can too. He’s showing viewers that wine is for average american, not just for the sophisticated, intelligent and cultured people.

This Ad reminds me of the Wine and Milk essay because the essay showed that wine in France is looked at as an everyday drink for everyone not just for those who are “above” everyone else. That’s exactly what the add was trying to say as well, that wine is for everyone it can be your everyday drink choice too if you drink responsibly of course. Both the Paso Wine Man Ad and the essay put the connotations many of us have about wine to shame.


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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    You do a good job here of describing what we see in the advertisement. I think you’re right that the ad plays on cultural beliefs about which countries are wine-drinking countries in order to “surprise” us that this wine is at home in America (as is drinking this wine).

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