I chose this advertisement to analyze, branching off Barthes Wine and Milk essay. The first thing that caught my eye about this advertisement was the fact that we are looking at a woman’s(I’m assuming) back. Her back is bare, but with a black necklace. Also, she has this brown small, simple tattoo on her back. This tattoo is the same symbol that is on the bottle of the Bimbadgen Estate wine. That’s an awkward place to get have a tattoo that size. However, with the necklace it has sort of a prestigious look to it.

If you look into the background ou see a simple, neutral color as a wall of some sort with a table. Class “A” white tablecloth with two wine glasses set. This looks like a place setting of a private fancy restaurant or something. This adds to the elegance of this advertisement. The two colors and objects that stand out first when you see this ad is the black and silver necklace and the wine bottle. The contrast of the dark, shiny black on the neutral, almost skin toned, wall and back.

On the bottom left hand corner you can see the estate wine symbol. This symbol to me looks like a light house maybe?  That was my fist thought, however now it looks like an old castle tower? Next to this symbol are two displays of bragging rights pretty much. They want the viewer to know how amazing their wine is. The first one is showing that they were the winner of the 2006 Australian Tourism Awards. The second one is the winner of the 2007 Australian Tourism Awards. To top it all of next to the awards at the bottom they have their punch line: “Seen in all the right places”. Are they talking about the wine being seen in all places? That might be why they placed that tattoo on the woman’s back. To show it being “seen in all the right places”.


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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    This is a good description of the advertisement. You do a good job of describing both the visual and textual elements of the ad. The way the image is cropped (at the top of the woman’s neck), combined with the bare shoulders and the tattoo of the winery on her back, the woman also echoes the shape of the bottle of wine.

    To fully bring out the mythology of this ad, it might be important to know where it was originally published. Which group of consumers does it address?

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