I picked this wine add because firstly I thought that it was very funny. Secondly it went into the topic that we had talked about previously that day in class. When I was looking at different wine commercials on youtube I didn’t really know what I was looking for but a commercial with a type on wine advertised. After watching a few of them I came upon this one! In the commercial the Paso Wine Man is in three different locations all supposedly different tastes of wine. The first two places; Tuscany, Italy and then Croatia both assuming are very well known for their wine. At those locations he shows two different types of wine. He stereotypes to the locations that he is at. Firstly with the white suit and beautiful wife and the vines going up the staircase he is in Italy. At the second location he is wearing a soccer jersey and ends up catching a soccer ball and fans from different teams go running and chanting by him. At the end of both of those places he ends up throwing both the wine glass (from Italy location) and the wine bottle (for Croatia location). He states that those types of wine are not his. At the last location he is walking in his vine field with a baseball bat. He walks closer to the camera and picks up the bat and a ball is tossed to him and he hits it. After that he says “This is baseball, and that was a homerun.” We know that in this scene he is in California because it is stated in the bottom left hand side of the screen. He uses baseball in this ass because that is a big think Americans love and are known for. Later on his wife comes into the picture with a glass of wine and he takes the wine and describes it.

In the commercial the point or main message is not only to show the wine and make it known so people will buy it but also to show that the only good wine does not come from Europe but can also come from the states. He talks about how the taste might not be that different than where wine was originated from so you should give this one a try as well. Like said in the Mythologies book we read that wine is well know in Europe and that they not only drink it just at dinner or to get drunk but also they have it with lunch, and snacks and many other times. Like we said in class Americans are not really known for wine although the Paso Wine Man may trying to make it become so. This reminds me of sophomore year in high school I had a French exchange student. She was shocked when she realized that wine wasn’t such a regular thing in the states. That is even with my mom drinking a glass of wine every night with dinner. Thinking back I can only imagine how much wine her family must have gone through, not only her parents but bother her brother and herself. Agathe was also shocked with the face that we can’t (or aren’t suppose to) drink in the states until were 21. When I asked her about it she said that she couldn’t really remember a time when she didn’t have a glass with her dinner. Its crazy to see that culture change and I think that the Paso Wine Man commercial really picks up on the supposedly differences between the places.


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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    The ad is also strange in that it continually shows how easy it is to fake authenticity, and by the time we get to the final scene, the “real” place of the Paso Wine Man, it seems just as fake (or just as “real”) as the other places.

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