Roland Barthes Mythologies (Wrestling)

Wrestling is the first of the many essays produced by Roland Barthes between the years of 1954-56 analyzing and essentially criticizing many things from the world of wrestling to milk and wine. One of the first things that will pop out at you is that he calls wrestling in the professional sense a spectacle and not a sport. The reason he goes on to further state why he views professional wrestling as a spectacle is the grand excess of not only brutality but also personalities and moreover traits of personalities. Roland goes on to mention what kinds of differences there are between amateur wrestling and professional wrestling and the difference is that in amateur wrestling it is about the skill of the competitors not about what they represent and the second difference is the venue where these matches are held. Another key difference is, pro wrestling the wrestlers represent either a key character flaw in people or an idea and or the classic good guy versus bad guy type of a character. After he sets up what he defines to be the key differences between pro wrestling and amateur wrestling he goes on to state the difference between wrestling as a sport and as what it is. In professional wrestling there is a story between the competitors and in your average sports the drama is not highlighted moreover it is about who wins and who loses at the end of the day. The irony of this essay about professional wrestling, is not too many things have changed wrestling tends to get bigger every year the same characters such as the good guy and bad guy are there and the storied drama is still being recycled. In today’s world wrestlers are heroes and roll models, which are a little different then the past, these wrestlers are considered to be pro-athletes who get the same respect as any other respective professional athletes of the day. What has changed is that pro wrestlers are actors now to acting in A-rated movies and T.V shows which until the early eighties was not even occurring.  In conclusion over all after reading his argument about the spectacle versus the commonly called sport moniker that is wrestling, it is indeed a spectacle of excess showing everything from tear jerking moments to the meaningless bastard that is the villain of the spectacle.


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  1. stevenpane says:

    Take a look at the assignment guidelines (below) and the other postings. Rather than a summary, take the ideas from one of B’s essays and apply it to your own analysis of an add you choose.

    Redo. Then let me know and I’ll provide feedback.

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