The Old Spice Ad that I posted is a pull away from washing your body and a push towards how exactly infused beauty is to our culture. The commercial is geared towards women but obviously men are supposed to see the commercial and buy the product. The focus of the commercial is the beauty of the man without a shirt on. He has defined muscles and an attractive face. This really isn’t about how “clean” you are, it is more about how to smell good and make you more attractive to the opposite sex. This idea of admiration of attraction is like the Face of Garbo essay from Barthes. The focus is on the physicality as opposed to idea or message behind that is being portrayed. The message here is really materialistic than anything else because it shows how it doesn’t matter how you are as long as you use Old Spice. The smooth talk of the main character works seamlessly with the movement of the camera as he changes subjects and makes metaphors.

The beauty that is talked about in Barthes has an out of worldly view. Angels are explained as beautiful and the main character in the ad is in only a towel giving him a higher sense of life. The amount of clothing is swayed to the heavenly because of the lack of clothing. A regular person would be dressed in more modest clothing. The whiteness of the clothing also gives him godly figure as well. The man in the commercial really draws in the primal urges of women with the way he is acting with confidence. This adds to the idea that with Old Spice you will become more confident and have all the right words to say to women. Women want a strong, confident man and that it what all men want to be as well.

Cinematic beauty has always been the illusion that the population has to conform to the small percentage of actors. Instead of actually understanding how actors are carefully picked because of their beauty people think that that is the way we all need to be. Beauty is obscured though film and television because it is putting the most beautiful as the best. The essence of beauty is still within but it is much harder to find nowadays. Barthes had a very good idea and prediction about what the world idealized and it seems to be that as we move closer to the physical the mental won’t be as important in the future.


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I like to stay active and workout. I really like golf as well as most other outdoor activities. I play a lot of music and guitar is my main instrument.

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  1. Michael K. Johnson says:

    Is masculine beauty protrayed differently than feminine beauty? You’re right that the Old Spice ad displays the actor as an object to be looked at and admired (although that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ad is addressed to women–the idea is that he’s not necessarily a figure that the male viewer will be attracted to, but that the male viewer will want to be like, and, if he buys the product, the fantasy the ad sells suggests, he can be like the Old Spice guy).

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