This particular image is of Michele Bachmann, who was one of several candidates hoping to represent the Republican party in the 2012 Presidential election, but has since withdrawn from the race.  This picture, which appeared on the August 2011 cover of Newsweek magazine shows Bachmann in a very interesting manner.  We’ll start first with the most piercing part of the photograph: Mrs. Bachmann’s eyes.  They seem to be staring right at you and into your soul, in a creepy axe murderer sort of way.  Although, it must be said that Mrs. Bachmann’s eyes are a lovely dark blue, which match the background in which Newsweek rather well.

Everything about Mrs. Bachmann’s expression seems to be forced.  Her smile is limp and half assed, almost as though she was poked in the back of the head with a stick, and realized, when she was about to yell at the individual, that it was one of her life-long role models, and had to laugh off the situation.  The picture is taken from the waist up, with her torso slightly turned, and her face staring directly into the camera.  Her teeth, for a woman of 55, are very white, and I suspect that the use bleaching or Photoshop was employed.  Her hair is of a fairly conservative style; it’s in place and is perfectly colored. If the 55 year old woman didn’t color her hair I would be shocked. While looking at her age, her skin shows signs of aging, but some nip-tucking may have occurred at some point, and if it hasn’t already, it will occur in the near-future.  Mrs. Bachmann is also sporting a pearl necklace and semi-matching dangle earrings, in my personal opinion studded pearl earrings would have looked much more down to Earth and would have been more suitable the “photo shoot.”  Mrs. Bachmann’s overall dress is quite neat, and I approve of the suit she is wearing.  She looks far more presentable in the dark blue or black suit than Hilary Clinton in her collection of pantsuits that seem to include all of the colors in the visible light spectrum.

If we look at the headlines around her show some inclination as to how she might feel about certain topics.  The caption right under her says “The Queen of Rage” and in smaller print under the caption, “Michele Bachmann on God, the Tea Party, and the Evils of Government.”  Along with those titles, there are other miscellaneous headlines about the economy, but this is something that one would expect from Newsweek. Image


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