Image DetailI chose to analyze this photo of Rick Perry.  In this photo Perry has a very straightforward kind of look.  He is looking straight at the camera with an open smile on his face.  His face is slightly turned to the side, but not quite enough to be considered a 3/4 profile.  He is obviously well-groomed with perfectly coiffed hair and a clean-shaven face.  His poise has a casual air by the fact that he is leaning on some sort of desk, but his demeanor is one of confidence.  His hands are resting on one another, showing of a wedding ring (which gives of the idea of family value) and well as another gold ring on this right hand, with is most likely a college ring.  His suit is well-tailored and in bold confident colors.  The suit is black which is a professional color, along with a clean while shirt and a red tie that shows he is a confident/powerful man.  The background is simple with only the American flag and a flag for the state that he represents.  Overall this photo gives the viewer an image of a confident man with a straightforward honest face.


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