Upon arriving at Barack Obama’s official website I found a number of potential photographs that could work for this assignment. I found this one to be particularly effective for the use of this assignment.

In Roland Barthes’s Mythologies the importance of photography projecting certain political stances is highlighted.  ” What is transmitted through the photograph of the candidate are not his plans, but his deep motives…a style of life for which he is the product, the example and the bait”. (91). This is very evident when analyzing this photograph of President Barack Obama. The photo is taken outside and there are green trees behind the candidate. Trees and the color green in my mind represent life. The candidate is looking very clean cut and professional with a white tucked in shirt. White represents to many people ideas like cleanliness and light and positivity.  The candidate is looking forward into the distance which suggests he cares and wants to make sure that his future is clean sustains life. He is reaching towards the camera suggesting he is reaching for his vision for the future and it is just beyond the horizon.  He could be reaching out to bring people together who share his beliefs. He is standing up straight suggesting strength and assertiveness. By dressing in a white tucked in shirt Barack Obama is projecting a clean professional lifestyle. He is dressing it a manner that fits with his vision of the future being the example and bait for potential voters.  Bathes also mentions “slightly narrowed eyes allow a sharp filter to look through which seems to find it’s strength in a beautiful inner dream”. Barack Obama has those narrowed eyes (possibly due to the sun being in his eyes) but for political reasons  projects an image that he has a dream of a future that if you take his hand he will show you that dream and make it a reality. 


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