Mitt Romney

I chose this photo of Mitt Romney to analyze because he looks very serious in this pose. His facial expression tells me he is stern, and he is in the middle of a deep thought. Romney’s eyes are looking out into the future, and they appear to be squinted as he looks strongly into his opportunities to come. The way his lips are pressed together makes it seem like he wants to say something, but is holding back as he thinking more intensely into his idea. His mouth does not express happiness, although his expression does not come across as being angry.

Mitt Romney’s outfit is not totally visible, but from what is shown, he is wearing a classy black jacket over a suit with a button up white shirt, a red tie, and a navy blue scarf. He looks to be standing in front of the United States of America’s flag, with the navy blue background and white stars behind him. The colors that are displayed in the pictures are our countries colors, demonstrating his patriotism.

Romney’s red tie expresses his confidence he has in himself for the upcoming election. His facile expression does not shout out a high level of self-confidence, but it does look like he is comfortable with his standings.

Mitt Romney’s overall appearance shows that he has a sophisticated style, but it also shows he does not obsess with his looks. His hair is nicely combed and mostly dark brown, but you can see he is getting grey hair. Some people choose to dye their hair if it turns grey, but this shows he is comfortable with his age. Where Romney is almost squinting his eyes, it is easier to see some of the wrinkles he has around his eye beds. This picture shows Romney is getting older, but he is not trying to hide his age.

From this picture, Mitt Romney is portrayed to be a confident candidate. He looks very serious in thought, but also seems to be looking towards the future. Romney shows support for our country with the patriotic colors he is wearing and with the United States flag in the background. Over all this portrait of Mitt Romney has shows a positive view of his campaign.


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