One of the major factors that will determine which Republican candidate wins the primaries and will receive the honor of being the candidate running against Barack Obama in the upcoming election, is the candidates’ plans on creating new jobs for the United States.  The photo that I have chosen for my analysis is available on the “Jobs” section of Mitt Romney’s website (  This photo depicts Romney standing in front of an American flag, discussing his stance on the issues with a variety of voters in the background.
The background of this photo contributes immensely to its appeal.  Having an American flag hanging in the background shows Romney’s patriotism and dedication to his country.  In addition, the citizens in the photo appear to be dressed either casually or in their work clothes, representing them as the kind of people that would be found in any town or city across America.  Also, for those who are dressed in their work clothes, such as the man on the far right appears to be, it represents the crowd of onlookers as honest, hard-working American citizens who are more than willing to hear what Mitt Romney has to say about his plans for America.
Although the background plays an important role, the portrayal of Mitt Romney is incredibly important.  This picture has Romney captured in a three-quarter face photograph, which is common.  The way that his face is positioned, looking towards the right, makes it seem as though he is looking forward to the future.  In addition, his eyes appear to be slightly squinted, making it seem as though he is allowed “a sharp look to filter through, which seems to find its strength in a beautiful inner dream” (Barthes, 92).  The way that Romney is dressed also signifies that he is a relatable, common man just like you or I, who happens to be running for president.  His more casual style of dress, with the collar of his shirt unbuttoned, his sleeves rolled up, and his lack of a tie make all him seem as though he could be anyone from any town in America.  While Romney’s attire is still professional, it is also more casual, and makes him appear to be a more common, more relatable, and a more relaxed candidate.
This photo depicts the candidate establishing a link between himself and the voters, by having a discussion about where Romney stands on certain issues and why voters should support his campaign.  The caption underneath the photo, reading “A Letter From Mitt” furthers the message of the photo by allowing the viewer to feel as though he or she is on a first-name basis with the candidate, and is receiving personalized letters from him.  Overall, the entire photo works together to “establish a personal link between him and the voters” as well as “suggests a physical climate, a set of daily choices expressed in a morphology, a way of dressing, a posture” (Barthes, 91).  The message that Mitt Romney provides voters through this likeness of himself is one that would inspire voters to support him.


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