Ex-Presidential candidate, Michele Bachmannn, shows her confidence and integrity in her official photograph from http://bachmann.house.gov/Biography/OfficialPhoto.htm.  The first thing I noticed about this photograph was her demeanor and crossed arms. This is not a typical stance you would see an average female posed in. She seems serious and her leadership is apparent. She is giving off the impression that she is someone you can trust in. Females would have a much harder problem with reaching out to the public in an aggressive, dependable almost heroic pose. She is trying to display herself in a way that the nation will look up to and respect. When we are globally a male dominated and run culture, it is hard for women to win enough respect of men who do not believe that women could know more than a male competitor.


As any female entering into the presidential race, she knows that she is at an automatic disadvantage due to that one fact. She needs to spend extra time on her appearance because people will be judging her especially on her looks due to the fact the she is a female and it is a social norm for us to judge women by their appearance.  At first glance you can tell that Michele is a very attractive woman. She appears to be in great health, which would also be under the spotlight as she is someone we need our nation to look up to. She has a gentle and nurturing look which is also ideal to leading a country.


Bachmann’s attire is very professional and modest. She is very clean cut and has a natural elegance about her.  She creates an automatic virtue of trust by looking at her in this picture. She looks as though she is ready to listen to your ideas and cares about your individual needs. Her smile and eyes are gentle and warm. Her hair is neat and mature looking. Her pearls she is wearing are elegant and something that would be expected of a women candidate running for president to be wearing. Her other accented jewelry are very neat and modest. Beyond her looks she is someone who appears to be a trustworthy, intellectual leader whom we can depend on. The blue background creates a good base color for the neutral tones she is wearing in this photograph. Blue, one of the colors of our nation, also helps show her patriotism. She creates a good image for her voters to see her as; a very warm and welcoming appearance.



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