I chose this picture of Michele Bachmann because unlike most of the photos used it isn’t a portrait, and it isn’t an image of her speaking before a crowd of people or with family, instead the first picture I saw when I went to her official campaign website to choose a photo was a very unofficial picture of her signing a copy of her book for a woman and her daughter.

I like the message it sends as well, she seems open and warm, it looks like she genuinely cares about what the woman is saying to her, unlike many pictures you see of people signing autographs where they aren’t paying attention to anything the person is saying they’re just signing as fast as they can to get out of there.  Instead she’s looking at the woman and pausing to listen before she signs.  Her smile seems genuine as well making her seem like a warmer more open person than others.

To me though the thing that makes this photo most noticeable is that it is so different from other campaign photographs, it isn’t a professional portrait, she isn’t looking at the camera, she isn’t looking up to the future with a foreign light shining down on her, she isn’t pictured with family to show a  more personal side and she’s not standing before a crowd of people speaking into a microphone with a flag somewhere behind her and campaign posters around.  Instead she is pictured  listening to a stranger with interest in what I assume is a bookstore of some kind. And that, to me, ends up being a little more personal than the family portraits do.  With the family portraits its easy to assume that they took the picture just to get voters to view the candidate as a family man, or woman, with good values and morals.  But with this, a photo that wasn’t posed for, wasn’t planned, you get a truer picture, you get to see an image of the person when they’re not concentrating on looking a certain way for the camera, it seems much more genuine to me.


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