When I went to President Obama’s official website I wanted to find a unique picture. I was looking for one where Obama wasn’t talking to a group of people or posing for a picture. I wanted more of a natural candid one and this is what I found.

In the picture we see that Obama is inside of the White House running down one of the hallways with his dog, Bo. From where the picture is taken we get a full shot of not only Obama and Bo the dog but also the wide open hallway in the White House. From the lighting of the picture we can see that it is still light outside showing that it is day time. Also the windows oh the left side of the picture shows this as well. Bo the dog has a leash dragging behind him showing that he was just taken outside. Bo the dog shows that Obama is just like everyone else and an every day man. He is our President and that is a huge commitment, but at the same time because he not just looking after himself it helps us the citizen draw a connection with him. Obama has a wife and two children that he cares for and on top of it has the time to deal with taking care of a dog. Even if it is to quickly go outside and then run around the house to get some energy out.

Obama is still dressed in a suit which leads us to believe that it was like every other work day for him. He is also running in this suit. It gives me the vibe that he has a lot of energy and that he isn’t lazy. This is obviously a good sign because he does have a lot on his plate being the President. Although we can not see his face because of that angle that the picture was taken we do see that the way his face is tilted he is looking down at Bo. We see that he is looking to the bottom left because in the picture we see his left ear. We also see that with the angle Bo’s body is his head is towards the right closer to Barack. This being said it is clear that Bo likes Barack showing a caring a compassion side of him that people want to see in a roll model.


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