I chose to look at the campaign song choice of Mit Romney. Romney chose Kid Rock’s song BORN FREE http://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fkidrock.com%2Fbornfree&session_token=1LlVoo7PunCJE269NpVlBXxTacl8MTMyNzA4Njg4NkAxMzI3MDAwNDg2 when I personally think of Kid Rock I do not think of politics. I think of  rock n’ roll and the stereotypical things that may come along with that.

This song is talking about the typical features people want tourists to think of America with raging rivers, grand canyons and untamed stallions all mentioned in one verse. When you take this into account I can see why Romney would have picked this song.

Another thing that I found interesting was that when the ads on youtube.com were scrolling through the video as I was watching BORN FREE, Mit Romney’s political backers paid for an ad on that song. I found this interesting because even though I knew that this was the song Romney was using as his campaign song I feel that youtube.com should be a place where the ads are not political. We have enough of those shoved down our faces on television, it doesn’t need to be all over the internet too.

This image taken from Romney’s, official page shows Romney with a full on face view and the background is half solid white and half looking out a window on to a country side view. I think his campaign staff chose this pose for him because it depicts the light shining down on the top of his head giving the illusion that a heavenly figure is shining down on him.

Having white as the main color of this picture makes it seem plain and makes him seem down to earth. It is not overbearing and brings out the white of his teeth and hair. I believe that his team choose to leave his hair naturally grey and not die it to match his original color is because the grey conveys a look of maturity and it makes Romney look like someone we can trust in. If he is not going to lie about what his hair color is then it makes you believe that he is not going to like about things that really matter to us the people if he were to become president


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