For this assignment I chose to analyze Michele Bachmann. I found her photograph to be very different from many of the election photographs we observed in class. The first observation I made was how she is looking straight on into the camera not away like many of the other portraits we have seen.  Looking straight on gives her a very confident look as well as a very inviting and warm feel. I think her smile looks very genuine as well which also creates the idea that she is a very warm woman and one we could trust with running our country. The idea of looking straight into the camera also shows that she is focused on now and fixing America’s problems that are occurring now and not worrying about what the future may bring her. The idea of focusing on now could appeal to many of the voters.

I also noticed how her photo shows more of her than many of the campaign photographs we observed. Most seem to show from the elbow up, Michele Bachmann’s photo shows her from the waste up. Which to me gives her a feminine look. The photo shows more of her dress than what would have been shown if the picture cut her off at the elbows. Her wardrobe choice is also something I find very interesting. She is wearing a very feminine outfit which I think could either help her or hurt her. Her ability to keep her femininity in this photo could appeal to women voters who want to see a woman in office. The lack of masculinity in this photo though could hurt her because the job as president is often considered a very masculine role. Her very womanly look could turn off voters who believe it takes a masculine person to be in office.

The background of this portrait is gray like many other campaign pictures we have seen in the past. I believe this is done so those who are looking at the photograph focus primarily on who is in it and how the person has chosen to pose rather than that persons surroundings. Bachmann’s choice of a gray background forces us to focus only on her and her expression and position. This choice also seems to be a very neutral way of displaying yourself, rather than showing yourself with family or somewhere outdoors, those looking at this photo get no sense of who she is outside of her campaign. The gray background gets us to focus solely on what is there.  In my eyes this photo portrays Bachmann as a feminine, confident and approachable candidate.



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