Sound Journal

This listening session was on 3/28/12 at about 11 am in my apartment in Farmington, ME


I’m sitting on my couch, it’s really quiet because I’m the only one here; other than our cat Snaps. The loudest sound in my head right now is the ticking of two clocks. The ticking sounds are different and not synchrinized so it sounds almost like it’s supposed to be a kind of cannon. The first ticking is closer and louder and is the one that starts the cannon. This ticking is also a lower pitch than the other one. The second clocks ticking is a little slower and fainter since it is further away and has a slightly higher pitch than the first. The two differing ticking noises almost sound like they are harmonizing with each other, so it is quite interesting.

Another sound that I cannot help but focus on is the sound of cars passing by outside since I am sitting right next to a window, whooosh. The whooshing sound crescendos and decrescendos every time a differnent car passes by. Sometimes there is a whirr of what I guess is a motorcycle but I’m not sure. I can also hear a very low chirping of birds outside and the sound of feet walking around that comes from above me in the apartment.

Lastly, it is really difficult to hear but when I concentrate really hard I can hear the sound of a very faint dripping noise that I presume is coming from the bathroom sink. Since it is so far away, it is very soft but when concentrating so hard it almost sounds really clear and much closer. Also with all the concentration I am using to pay attention to sounds I normally wouldnt hear, I can hear the thumping in my head and it starts to hurt a little. I stop a few minutes later because I find it uncomfortable to hear my own body working.


March Break Sound Journal

I sit in the cafe before class. It is full and full of noise. I can break the types of sound can be broken into a couple different categories.

The first category is language related: I recognize the individual attributes of vocal sounds that make up langugage. I hear the high and low pitches of sounds associated with each gender. I hear nimal like sounds being grunts, squeals laughter. I can also notice the subtle differences in sound from individuals around me. There are certain qualities to peoples voices whether it be an accent of some kind or the raspy voice of a smoker.

The other sounds are more environmental. I can hear plates scraping together. I can hear chairs, general movement. The unique sound of the scraping of utensil on bowl or plate. I can hear myself within this space based on perception. I can hear the clicking as I type the words I am writing right now. I can hear sounds that are in my immediate surrounding and further away sounds from inside the kitchen. I can hear thee sounds in my immediate vicinity including my occasional cough. I can hear myself chewing my food.

I can tell that within this particular environemt as opossed to others it is sound rich because of the number of activity within the space.

March Break Sou…

March Break Sound Journal

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3pm Biddeford area


(While riding my motorcycle)

Sounds like a can pull of bees buzzing, hitting the side of the can with fierce ferocity. sudden calmness, then it starts right back up again.

I spent a majority of my break on my motorcycle, because the weather was fairly decent, and at a total cost of $15 to run it over the week, I was a relatively inexpensive way to spend my break.  The sound that sounds like bees in a can is the sound of the bike revving up, and the calm pauses was when I was shifting to a higher gear, or coming to a stop.

Winkies Mulholl…

Winkies Mulholland Drive

Lost Highway

John Cage interview on sound

John Cage (1912-1992): Roaratorio, an Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake, Hörspiel (radio play) for electronic tapes, speaker and Irish folk musicians (1979).


Winkies Mulholl…

Winkies Mulholland Drive

Lost Highway

John Cage interview on sound

John Cage (1912-1992): Roaratorio, an Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake, Hörspiel (radio play) for electronic tapes, speaker and Irish folk musicians (1979).


Real Life Analysis

I chose to analyze “Glamour Shots-Grandma Tucker’s 80th Birthday” because of its natural essence of beauty. It was the first photograph that caught my eye due to the simplicity it elicits. In the image we see Grandma Tuckers profile from her shoulders up as she seems to be getting her makeup done. Her hair is in a clip and not done up, almost opposite of what you would expect a “glamour shot” to look like. Her weaving wrinkles are so in depth. Grandma Tucker is not smiling for the photograph, rather she has a calm, content look on her face. She seems to be in pure bliss with what looks to be her family around her all celebrating this day. You can see her definitive smile lines through her eyes and mouth, which make her look as though she is happy, rather than just sitting with her eyes clothes. Her sense of joy shines through the pictures and is a large reason why this photograph intrigued me and caught my attention as it did.

Grandma Tucker and the woman standing slightly to the left of her are the only two objects in focus in the photograph. In the background you can see a man dressed up in a tux and another woman getting her hair and makeup done as Grandma Tucker is. If the title were not Grandma Tucker’s 80th Birthday, I would assume that this was being taken before a wedding of some sort. The fact that it is not a wedding and is for her birthday bring the photograph together that much more because as the picture portrays, Grandma tucker is the center of attention for this day. The woman standing beside her, possibly doing her makeup and hair, is looking at Grandma Tucker with a sense of confusion or disgust. She seems awkward, almost giving off the sense that she doesn’t know what to do in front of the camera so she looks away, directing her focus on the main woman of the night, Grandma.

Although this is one of the most simple of the pictures I analyzed, it seemed to make me stare the most. I kept looking for more, trying to decipher the meaning and what was going on. I almost put myself into the photograph. I feel as though the photograph put the viewer right in the scene, as though you were there and part of the action. I believe Grandma’s welcoming and content face make her look as though she could be your grandmother, someone you could talk to and confide in.

Real Life: “Robert Sleeps While Dog Sitting at Debbie’s House.”

             I chose to look at the photograph titled “Robert Sleeps While Dog Sitting at Debbie’s House.” What attracted my eye to it right away and invited me to stare was the triangulation that was happening within the frame of the photograph. The photographer made what I’m assuming was a conscious decision to use the placement of the three dogs to create a path for the viewers eyes to follow through the piece. The eye starts at the dog laying on the sleeping child. Not only is this the starting point because of the oddity of the situation, but also because it’s near the top of the frame where our eyes first enter the piece. That dogs gaze leads us to the next dog, and the next ones leads us to the last dog whose gaze leads us to the child. My eye actually follows the boys hand and arm where the third dogs attention seems to be focused, as though he expects the boy to throw the toy that rests on the recliner.

            There is also a fair amount of linear perspective that the photographer implements to draw us into the center of the photograph, further strengthening the idea that the sleeping boy is the focal point. The bottom edge of the rabbit cage is a lighter value in relation to other objects around it, and it appears to descend into the photograph, directly towards the sleeping boy. When taking the rabbit into consideration, along with the three dogs, the four create a frame within the frame, drawing more attention to the boy. Another thing the photographer did a good job of was creating texture in the piece. Whether it be the contrast, or just what they chose to include in the frame (or both), there is a lot present. The wire mesh of the rabbit cage catches the eye as it stands out against the bleak walls behind it, and the different furs of the dogs and even the material that is on the recliner add interest to what could have been an otherwise flat piece. All of these elements are things that not only invite us to stare, but hold our eyes once we do.

            The angle at which the photograph was shot allows the viewer to be a part of the scene, rather than looking down on it. By placing the viewer at the foot of the recliner amongst the dogs it suggests that we too may be a dog, waiting for the boy to wake and throw the toy once more. By looking closer, it is evident that all of the dogs are panting, suggesting that they have been playing very recently, and that while the boy is exhausted and sleeping, they are still ready to go. I think that the real meaning of the piece isn’t totally identifiable until the title is taken into consideration: “Robert Sleeps While Dog Sitting at Debbie’s House.” By giving us this context, the photographer really makes a statement of humor and irony. We now know that this boy is the dog sitter, yet the dog is sitting on him – literally – and that he has fallen asleep, leaving the animals to tend themselves and cause whatever mayhem they desire, until he wakes.

Real Life Assignment

The picture I chose for this assignment was “Prom Kiss.” In this image, we see a couple going in for a kiss on prom night. The couple stands in the center of the photo with the man on the left and woman on the right. Their faces are filled with passion and intimacy, and though both of their eyes appear to be closed at first glance, closer inspection reveals that the woman’s eyes have remained partially open. Her arm is slumped limply at her side, a portion of her weight distributed through the man’s embrace. Their posture and expressions make this a stare-worthy encounter, but especially in relation to everything else happening in the photograph. All around the couple, similarly well-dressed individuals party with little regard to their respective dates. Their eyes are wide open with the exception of a small group on the left side who appear to be fixing something. The formal attire and 1950’s-esque backdrop is an apparent contrast to the wild attitudes of the prom-goers. A man on the left is eyeing something or someone hungrily. On the left side, one can find the only smile being directed off screen.

This photo invites empathy towards the kissers in the center of the photograph by means of contrast: they are neither casual nor uproarious, and their apparent sincerity in the act causes one to question their relationship, not only to each other, but to their collective environment. We gain insight into the culture of the prom, both in its ability to produce the cliché and romantic “prom kiss” as well as other norms such as dancing and the ever-common circle of girls huddling to adjust someone’s something in the name of fashion.

“Real Life” Assignment

The image I chose to analyze was “The Cellar”. I chose this image because, as a writer, it inspired the most initial shock response, creating different storylines in my head that were paired with different soundtracks, which pertains to the musicality of our Analyze This! course because we focus a great deal of musicality. When I say this, I don’t mean that a certain song popped into my head, but rather I had storylines developing in my mind that had their own rythyms, their own beat. I could picture a distinct drumming, slow and steady, that could fit the scene of a dark and desperate act that was sure to come. I liked that inspiration a great deal. Actually, the beat of drumming somewhat reminded me of the introduction to “Firefly,” how their low-base drums are consistent throughout the opening song.

It was also the lighting that was something I truly admired. It wasn’t bright enough to be a joyful picture, to evoke something of happiness, but rather the lighting was dark and dank, very intense. This, I feel, set the scene for me very dramatically, and I feel that, the drama aspect, was crucial to this picture. Because to me, it wasn’t just a cellar, but was a part of something much greater, much more profound. I truly enjoyed conjuring up my own thoughts and views about this photograph.

Real Life assignment

The photograph that caught my eye the most, or seemed the most relevant to my life was Robert Sleeps while Dog sitting at Debbie’s House.  It seemed the most relatable to me.  For as long as I can remember, there has always been a dog in my life, be it my own or my neighbors, or whoever’s, and I’ve always had pretty good friendships with these dogs.  My own for instance, will come right up to me, and sleep on my back, and she isn’t a lap dog, she’s a Weimaraner, so she’s a fairly large dog.  Its funny to notice that all of the dogs in the picture are awake while the boy sleeps.  WIth me and my dog, it’s the opposite.  I’m always trying to get comfortable while I have, all things considered, something that weighs quite a lot, sleeping on my back.  This just reminded me of the dogs I’ve known over the years, and genuinely put a smile on my face when I saw the picture.